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April 26, 2003

Petra Langrova


THE MODERATOR: We have Iveta Benesova and Petra Langrova. The floor's open for questions.

Q. So your first time with Serena. What was it like?

IVETA BENESOVA: It was a strange feeling, but for the first time it wasn't that bad. I had a great match, especially the first set. So, yeah, I'm pretty glad the way I played.

Q. Do you feel like you had chances at the end of that first set to win it? And had you won it, do you think you would have had a much better chance in the match?

IVETA BENESOVA: Oh, yeah, of course. I had a set point, but she made a great serve again. So it was a little disappointing. But if I would win the first set, it would be in different match I guess.

Q. What happened to you in the first set?

IVETA BENESOVA: I had nothing to lose, so I just came out there and played my game. I think she just didn't know me, so she didn't know what to expect so...

Q. Do you feel like she played better in the second set, or did your level go down?

IVETA BENESOVA: Both. She played better and my level go down a little. Especially I served a little worse, and it's pretty important against Serena.

Q. How deflating was it to have the ad out and just have her serve like she did? You almost didn't have a chance to win a point.

IVETA BENESOVA: Oh, yeah, that's right, she has a big serve. That's her - I don't know...


IVETA BENESOVA: It's her big weapon, yeah.

Q. Is that the biggest serve you've played against?

IVETA BENESOVA: Definitely. Well, I played against some guys (laughter). But it's almost the same, so...

Q. Is this your first time here in Boston?


Q. How do you like it?

IVETA BENESOVA: Yeah, it's nice city. It's little bit small, but it's calm and we like it.

Q. Petra, can you talk about both matches and how you felt your players did.

CAPTAIN PETRA LANGROVA: First of all, let me say that I'm very proud of Iveta, because I think it was an excellent match for her to play first time against No. 1 player, Serena. She, I think, had a great performance. The match was very close. I think the first set Iveta was even better than Serena. She had bad luck on the end. I can't tell her anything because Serena just -- I understand she is the No. 1, and she show it because she served great - three first serves almost aces. So I had nothing to tell Iveta because she was right, she did everything right. Well, even after 5-all, she had chances still to win a set. After that, I think Serena was more confident. And Iveta, as she said, she starts to serve worse than in the first set. First match, I think Daja was a little nervous, but I think Venus play very good. That's about it (smiling).

Q. How do you get Daja to regain a little bit of confidence tomorrow, given she'll be the first one out?

CAPTAIN PETRA LANGROVA: Well, we will see Daja. I think she didn't have that well results this season, but she was No. 16 in the world so I think she still can play great tennis. It's just she needs to get some confidence. I think against Serena, she just saw Iveta, she had nothing to lose. She just can go there and play her best tennis without any nerves. Maybe it will help her.

Q. The fact that Venus won the first match, did that kind of put you in a negative emotion?

CAPTAIN PETRA LANGROVA: I don't think so. I mean, both of the sisters were 100 percent favorites. I don't think so it was anything special for us or affect Iveta's game.

Q. Iveta, where did you grow up?


Q. Where?

IVETA BENESOVA: You mean like... Most.

Q. Is it pronounced "Most"?

IVETA BENESOVA: Yeah, it's M-o-s-t.

Q. You were the most of Most (laughter)?

IVETA BENESOVA: Well, I'm practicing in Prague like five years.

Q. What kind of a town is Most? Small town?

IVETA BENESOVA: Yeah, small city.

Q. How many people?

IVETA BENESOVA: 100,000 around.

Q. Is there a lot of interest in tennis?

IVETA BENESOVA: Not much. Just me (laughter).

Q. How many courts?

IVETA BENESOVA: Twelve courts.

Q. Public courts?


Q. You did very well.


Q. Petra, you said she did everything right. What is the strategy against Serena? What did you want to try and do?

CAPTAIN PETRA LANGROVA: Well, I think also Iveta served very well first set. She just go for it. She didn't play like steady, you know, from the baseline. She's very fast and she try to put a lot of pressure of Serena, which I think she went very well.

Q. Petra, what impresses you the most about Venus and Serena? Is it their power, their focus, their intensity?

CAPTAIN PETRA LANGROVA: I would say almost everything, but especially the power is unbelievable. As Iveta said, Serena serves as a guy. It's unbelievable. It's very strong serve.

Q. Is this your first Fed Cup?

IVETA BENESOVA: No, it's my third.

Q. Your third?


Q. Will you do it again against the sisters?


Q. Will you play again against the sisters again?


Q. You'll be back?

IVETA BENESOVA: Of course (laughing).

End of FastScripts….

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