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May 13, 2011

Mark O'Meara


MARK O'MEARA: I made a couple of mistakes on out there today. And certainly didn't make the putts like I made yesterday. Hitting it in the water on 13, hit the boards. I hit a nice shot, but the wind kind of got it, hit the boards and made a bogey.
Then I played some pretty good shots, but I putted it off the green on 15. I hit a good drive and 8-iron right at the pin, had a 20 footer and putted it off the green, ten yards down the Hill.
So that's not too good when you're a pro and you're on the green and you putt it off the green. So I fortunately two-putted from there and made a good bogey. Then I two-putted 17 from the middle part of the green. Bad wedge from the middle of the fairway on 4. But birdie on 6 and 9 was a great way to kind of bounce back.
I'm proud of myself. I hung in there today, and 4-under for two rounds is as good a round on this golf course. Just 33 putts as opposed to 24, so that's kind of the difference.

Q. How does it feel to come here against these young guys, play well and make the cut?
MARK O'MEARA: There's always pressure on me whether I'm playing here or Champions Tour event. It does feel really good. This is a world class field on a world class golf course. Very tough, very demanding, 4-under after two rounds. You know, I certainly would like to go out and play well on the weekend and see where I end up on Sunday.

Q. Talked a lot about Tiger yesterday, so I apologize for asking. But can you talk about the balance he has to have between keeping his game sharp and healing his body? How difficult is that?
MARK O'MEARA: He's been struggling with this Achilles for quite a while now. He needs to get that either fixed or figured out what he needs to do to get it 100%.
I played with him on Wednesday, like I said. I thought I saw some good signs of the way he was hitting the ball. But I did see him limping around out there. Even after dinner with Meredith, my wife and I and Arjun, when he was walking to his car, we commented that he looked like was limping a little bit. But he didn't say anything. He said it was okay, but he always goes with that.
You know, my friend, I care about him. I wish the best for him. I think the game needs him. We all want to see him back playing the way we know he can play. And I certainly think that's what he wants too. He just needs to get that straightened out and take it from there.

Q. If he asked you, what would your advice be?
MARK O'MEARA: My advice would be to come and hang out with me for a while. That's what my advice would be, but he doesn't ask. I've thrown it out there.
We go way back. We've spent a lot of quality time together. I believe when you're struggling, it's good to be around your friends and people who really care about you. Not just his golf game and what he's accomplished on the course, but a true friend.
I feel like I'm a true friend to Tiger, and I want to help him, but he's got to want to come and do it too.

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