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July 16, 2005

Lorie Kane


LORIE KANE: I'm encouraged by the fans' support and I'm encouraged by how I'm playing. And I'll get into the red numbers sooner or later.

Q (Indiscernible)?

LORIE KANE: Just a you know, a bad thing. I think I tried to hit it too hard and went over the top of it. And it's with the ducks now.

Q I'm curious, why did you (indiscernible) or was it that far left?

LORIE KANE: Yeah. It's a lateral hazard, and so where I crossed the hazard was way up there. Or even I didn't even think it was too far off the tee, actually. That was my thought. And I thought I would have a better chance of making bogey from the fairway than having to pitch out from wherever it was.

Q Did the bogey on 9 (indiscernible)?

LORIE KANE: No. Well, you know, anytime you come off two birdies and then kind of scrape it around the next hole, it did kind of kill momentum. But I wasn't running it. Or at least I tried not to.

And 10, I thought I hit a great drive. Well, I know I hit a great drive. And I hit a good second shot, and that knocked me out of it.

That pin is in a very tough spot. And with the wind into your face and uphill, it's really hard to get to it. I don't know where the ball pitched, but, you know, I had to hit the putt hard enough to keep it up on top of the hill, and then you're just looking at getting making 5 and not a big number.

Q (Indiscernible) on the range with the putter now?

LORIE KANE: I did, yeah. I mean, I've made some good putts. And I rolled it better today. I was more confident with the lines. And the few drills that I did last night helped. And again this morning, I spent more time probably putting to warm up than I did hitting balls.

Q You were playing with (indiscernible) Canadian?

LORIE KANE: Yeah. It was fun. You know, Kareen is a young player. And we were talking that, you know, I really think we need to support our young Canadian pros who are trying to make their way. It seems once they turn pro they're kind of forgotten about. We talked about that. You know, I used the Swedish model where I think they encourage their athletes to become juniors, become amateurs, move on to the next level, and they keep them around.

So, you know, maybe there's some room here that we can help out.

Q (Indiscernible) gallery today too?

LORIE KANE: Well, I told her to wave a couple times because they were cheering for her too. She didn't believe me. She said, "I'd just like to hear my name once." I said, "Well, you may have to pay a few people to do that." (Laughter.) But, no, I think she enjoyed herself. I hope she did. I certainly enjoyed the pairing.

Like I said, we don't get to see them enough. And I told her that there's a spot on Tour; just work a little bit harder, keep working at it, and you'll find your way.

Q Are you surprised there were so many people following you around?

LORIE KANE: No. I knew if the sun was shining and the beer was cold, there would be some Islanders over here. So all of that's happened. I just hope that they go out and follow the rest of the girls. Because this is a Major Championship, and I think Halifax should be commended for one of the best Canadian Opens I've ever been to.

End of FastScripts.

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