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May 12, 2011

Davis Love III


Q. How do you notice the course or conditions changed around the wind?
DAVIS LOVE III: Well, it got a little tougher, obviously; it generally does here later in the day. You better get it early; we saw that, you know. Lucas and some of those guys got off to a hot start. And if you don't, you better make some putts for par, which I made a couple nice putts for par on the second nine and kept my round going.

Q. How important is experience out here now with the way the course has changed and so forth?
DAVIS LOVE III: I think experience is important on this course, and on any of Pete Dye's courses you have to think your way around it a little bit and be patient. I think experience always helps, especially in a big tournament like this.

Q. What is it about your game right now the way you're playing that lends itself to this course?
DAVIS LOVE III: I've been -- the last couple of weeks I've been feeling better about my game. I was able to practice last week in Charlotte. I was finally prepared last week for a tournament. I got sick a couple times, and really since Honda last week was the first week I was really kind of ready to play. This week I was ready, obviously, coming off of last week a little more confident. Always like this time of year, so it's nice to be here playing good.

Q. Explain the light that comes on for you when you show up here.
DAVIS LOVE III: Well, I think it came on last week a little bit. Started playing a little better. But it's a big tournament. You point towards the big ones, and I was trying to get ready for Augusta and got stalled a little bit. I was ready when I got there, but I hadn't played much, and then try to get ready for this one, try to get ready for the US Open.
But I feel good about my game. Like I said, in the last couple weeks I've gotten good practice in. Obviously made some putts last week on those greens and come to a course where you're comfortable. This week I've been around here a lot, so...

Q. Have you played here lately in the last few months?
DAVIS LOVE III: No. I mean, even Monday it's not like it's going to be today, so you know your way around the course. Just get down here and get used to the rough, get used to the speed of the greens. It really just takes a little bit of practice here for somebody like me. I've played almost all 30 of them.

Q. Would it be fair to say that being healthy makes a big difference too?
DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, I mean not throwing up the day before you play is generally good. You don't want to be hurt like Tiger or any of us. We want to be prepared when we go to tee off. I certainly didn't feel that way in Houston, I didn't feel that way in Harbour Town, and it was disappointing.
You've got to get your rounds in to be ready for the big tournaments. I was pleased not only to play last week, to be prepared to play, but also to play well. It helps coming in here.
Like Lucas, obviously, he's on a roll. He played good last week, hitting the ball well. You better come in here with some confidence. If you don't, this course will beat you up pretty easily.

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