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July 17, 2005

Lorie Kane


Q. (Indiscernible) with today's round?

LORIE KANE: Yeah, I am. You know, it's been a strange week. I think tee to green, I've probably hit it the best I have in a very long time. You know, when you struggle at the beginning of the week trying to find the feel with your putting, you know, yesterday and today definitely were much better.

I'm encouraged by where I am and really looking forward to the remainder part of the season.

Q. Is it a case at all of wanting it too much earlier in the tournament in front of your home fans basically?

LORIE KANE: No, because I think I had prepared myself that, you know, it was going to be exciting. The pressure was going to be there definitely. Nobody puts any more pressure on oneself than I do. But I've been handling it and I'm very happy on the golf course and I'm happy with the way I'm doing things.

You know, I never this is the type of golf course where you really need to get the speed down right off the bat and I didn't have it the first two days. Maybe I should have had Danny reading the putts right off the bat because he seemed to, you know, hit the line that I could have better speeds and better results.

You know, there's next week and the week after. Sure, I would have liked to have been the champion here, at least contended so we could keep people around to watch, because there's going to be some great golf come down the stretch. This golf course is not playing very easy today. There's a lot of tough pins out there. If that wind picks up like it did yesterday, they're going to battle on that Back 9.

Q. Can you talk about the course as a whole, how tough this course played.

LORIE KANE: Well, again, Mr. Cook has a very good golf course here in the design. Mike has done a great job with the maintenance of it. The greens are really funky. You know, you have to be on the right side of the cup, not above it, below it. Not only do you have to think it's a 7 iron, but what part of the green to I have to hit it on? If I hit it here, will the slope take it? That's a championship type of golf course. It was a lot of fun to play. As the days went on, it got better and better and better. I wish I had another nine holes to play.

Q. 18, the gallery there, the whole week for you, the galleries that followed you.

LORIE KANE: It's been awesome. Again, though, I would have liked to have be in one of the lead groups to keep the great fans around, and I hope that they stick it out today because it's a nice day and support the other players.

You know, we are going to have a Canadian Women's Open champion at the end of today and she deserves the respect that these fans have given me.

Q. Are you fearful this may be the last Canadian Women's Open?

LORIE KANE: I'll hold my breath on that one. We seem to go through cycles. Du Maurier had (indiscernible). The RCGA and BMO jumped up to the plate. For whatever reason, they don't feel it's in their interest to continue. We need to work hard and to convince somebody that this is a viable event.

You know, I know the economy is tough. You compare the US dollar to the Canadian dollar, there's a lot of variables that go into it. I really feel that somebody will come up to the plate and encourage to keep the tournament going. I hope so because I plan to bring it back here if I can to PEI especially.

You know, we need the LPGA in Canada to keep young players, their dreams, alive about where they want to play.

Q. What is it about this event that is so unique?

LORIE KANE: Well, it starts with the fact that we travel across the country, and they move it around to different places. It's our Open Championship. Like the US, they have their Open and we have ours. I place it as high as I do the US Open. It's just important.

We need professional golf, a place to play here in Canada. If there's 10 of us on tour, there's 10 more girls, and I can't figure out how the Koreans are getting 29 players on tour. We have some up and coming players that really need a chance to play. This week with 26 or 27 Canadians, that was awesome for them to have that experience.

It's a unique event because people love to come to Canada, especially this week. We had lots of 'lobsta'.

Q. Do you feel at all there was perhaps an unfair sense there would be more corporate sponsorship out there next year if maybe you had done better at this particular event?

LORIE KANE: Possibly. You know, but I know myself, Dawn, the rest of us, we come waving the flag and do pretty much everything we can. I can't do much more than I've done this week except put the ball in the hole, which I didn't do. You know, I do my best and the other girls do their best to sell the product and to show people that we're a viable product and that people should come and watch.

Q. Looked like you enjoyed this week, golf aside.

LORIE KANE: I did. This is the first week for a lot of things. I've never rented a house. I've never had other people stay with me, particularly friends. I've never really left the golf course and everything that's happened at the golf course at the golf course, gone home and have laughed as much as I've laughed this week.

My family has been here. We've had a real great time. I've signed a ton of autographs. I've seen friends I haven't seen in a really long time. Minus the golf, it's been an awesome week.

End of FastScripts.

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