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September 24, 2003

Paul Lawrie


Q. A special moment, unveiling the plaque Paul?

PAUL LAWRIE: Absolutely, it was different class and difficult to put into words how special a moment that was for me. Like I said when I actually unveiled it, for the guys who are playing today, Hogan was the man with the mystique, came over here once and won the tournament and so to be asked to come along and unveil a plaque to honour him was huge for me, just huge.

Q. Obviously Carnoustie is special to you too?

PAUL LAWRIE: Definitely, it will never be forgotten what I achieved. You are not going to win too many Majors in your career, or some of us are not so it is a special place.

Q. Should they not unveil a plaque called Lawrie�s Lane or something to honour you?

PAUL LAWRIE: Well when they said the holes already were called things like Long and Short, I was tempted to ask them, �What happened to �Lawrie?� ! But I thought better about it! Maybe that will come in years to come when I�m dead!! Maybe they will rename it then. But seriously, it was a great moment for me.

Q. When did you last hit a persimmon driver like you did today from the sixth tee?

PAUL LAWRIE: Well I actually played persimmon when I first joined the European Tour, in 1990 and 1991 there was still persimmon out there but I haven�t hit one for about ten years now. It was a bit strange, it certainly had a different sort of feel to what I have been used to. But give me Callaway any time! It was a strange sensation hitting the ball, there was no flight on the ball, you can see the ball dipping. But the first one that I hit, it wasn�t that bad a swing but the ball almost came off sideways, it is so difficult to get it going the way you want it. Also hitting the small ball was strange, really weird looking down at it on the tee, it didn�t look right!

Q. Looking forward to the week then?

PAUL LAWRIE: Yes I�m swinging the club pretty well. My putting has not been too good but that can turn round in a day. It is one of those things that will happen for me, I�ll hole a good putt early in the round, get a bit of confidence back under my belt and I�ll be off But I am hitting it really good, hitting it lovely.

Q. Been a disappointing season for you?

PAUL LAWRIE: It has. I had a good start, played well at the start of the year and had a few good chances to win and was beaten in a play off in one. Then I went to America and played good over there. But then my form went off a little bit and I did a little bit of tampering with my equipment which in hindsight I really shouldn�t have done, I should never have left Callaway, then I had a few niggly injuries as well so all in all it has been a bit of strange season.

Q. Was it tempting to see all the other technologies about?

PAUL LAWRIE: Well, I just wanted to see what the story was. I had read all the reports and stuff and I wanted to see for myself. But it became clear to me pretty quickly that Callaway were doing the best stuff for my game so I was delighted to get going again.

Q. Looking forward to the World Cup?

PAUL LAWRIE: Absolutely, I am really looking forward to it. Alastair (Forsyth) is a good lad and he�s desperate to play for his country as I am so I�m sure it will be fantastic.

Q. Looking forward to the other two courses as well as Carnoustie?

PAUL LAWRIE: Definitely, St Andrews is obviously a special place as well for me having won this tournament as well, holing a nice long putt to win. Kingsbarns is a great new course which is getting great write ups and it is a fantastic place. It is a great tournament, there is no doubt about it, it is one of the best tournaments we play all year. For me to take my main sponsor with me this week is huge for him. He�s played with me all three years and he loves it. In fact he picked my ball out of the hole two years ago when I won. What other sport can do that? Dunhill are providing that for people and that is just fantastic. I was out the other night with some of the amateurs who are playing, Kenny Dalglish, Alan Hansen and Gary Lineker, having a meal a chatting, you�re talking about football to them and they�re talking about golf to you and stuff, it is just fantastic. Everyone mixes in which is the main thing and everyone enjoys it.

End of FastScripts.

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