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May 6, 2011

Brian Davis


Q. Really nice round. Did everything just fall into place today?
BRIAN DAVIS: Yeah, it did. I played pretty good today. Didn't feel comfortable but hit a lot of good shots and holed a few putts. I had a little bit of trouble out there, but apart from that I had a really good day.

Q. You had a slight setback coming towards the end of your round and then bounced back immediately. How pleased are you with that?
BRIAN DAVIS: You know, I was in the gallery because I shanked a chip shot on the par-5 and made a bogey, and then I had a hole-in-one on the next. It gave a few people a laugh in the crowd.

Q. Obviously the weather played a part in this morning's round. You were first out. How did things develop?
BRIAN DAVIS: Yeah, obviously we knew there was a chance today and then we saw the clouds coming, and then obviously had three to go. But it is what it is. We're used to it.

Q. How do you like your position at 7-under going into the weekend?
BRIAN DAVIS: Well, you know, I've been playing pretty good lately and just haven't been holing the putts, and I've started to make a few more putts, and that's the reason I'm up there. I'm looking forward to the weekend, and I've got a lot of good things going on right now, so keep it going.

Q. You can't influence what the other guys do this afternoon, but do you think they're going to have an easier golf course this afternoon?
BRIAN DAVIS: The last three holes, I hit a shot that stopped miles quicker than it normally would, so that little bit of rain softened the greens up. But you know, it is what it is. Over four rounds it pretty much evens itself out. Hopefully we can give ourselves a chance on Sunday afternoon.

Q. 5-under for 7-under, making it the halfway point. Just one bogey today, a little rain delay. Talk about your morning round.
BRIAN DAVIS: Yeah, it was good. Obviously I was first off so it was nice to get off early, get off to a quick start. We had the good greens the front nine.

Q. What was the key for you today in this round?
BRIAN DAVIS: I played well. I made a putt when I needed to and just played solid. I didn't hit any bad shots apart from one, but apart from that, all day I was hunting for birdie, so it was good.

Q. How about the delay? You were on 7. I guess that's better than being on 17 waiting to hit a tee shot there.
BRIAN DAVIS: Yeah, it is. We just putted out on the par-3, so we had to walk back there. Still not an easy tee shot after time off because you're looking for a birdie there, so you're really looking for a good tee shot. I came back out, made birdie, and delighted with today's work, and obviously get the rest of the afternoon off.

Q. This is your first round under 70 in this golf tournament ever.
BRIAN DAVIS: I'm bloody well aware of that.

Q. Has this course played difficult for you, and why the change this week?
BRIAN DAVIS: Yeah, I haven't had the best putting rounds since I've been coming here. I don't know, I just seem to struggle. But this week I felt a bit more comfortable. You know as well as me it's all down to putting, and I played pretty good. The course is a little bit different to years past, a little bit softer, which helps obviously shots into greens, but it also plays longer. Generally this course benefits a long ball hitter because you can hit it higher and hit shorter clubs into the greens. But so far it's been good for me, and I'm looking forward to the weekend.

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