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September 27, 2003

Paul Lawrie


Q. Good work today but like Ernie, a disappointing finish?

PAUL LAWRIE: Yes, it was a pity because I played lovely again today. I actually putted a bit better as well and then I had nine iron from the middle of the fairway on the 17th and it went long amazingly. I had 148 yards up the hill and it went over the green and I had a poor chip and made five and then at the 18th I tried to cut a five iron in against the wind and just overdid it and again a poorish chip and two putts.

Q. What is it about this tournament that inspires you?

PAUL LAWRIE: I enjoy links golf. I enjoy the bump and runs, I enjoy the weather and the challenge of the whole thing. My attitude is different towards it ­ I know it is going to be tough even though this tournament is normally low scoring no matter how bad the weather is. But I am just disappointed with the finish, to be 14 and two behind is easier than 12 and four behind.

Q. Could you see a 62 out there?

PAUL LAWRIE: Well, it was a lovely day, and if you get on a streak with the putter and there is no wind, the course is not the toughest if you play well. But it was still a great round. He has been playing well for the last few weeks and it is good to see him back.

Q. You own thoughts for tomorrow?

PAUL LAWRIE: Lee is playing well, but I can get out there and hole some putts and get it low. I would probably need to go 63-64 low, but why not?

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