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May 5, 2011

Webb Simpson


Q. How comfortable did you feel out there?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, it was nice to play a course I've played so many times, especially the last two months since we moved here. But it was a good day. The course does play different right now than it did a couple months ago because we're getting roll and the greens are firming out. But all in all a good day. I had some sloppy mistakes but played well coming in, so I think we've got something to build on for tomorrow.

Q. What's been working for you well the last few weeks?
WEBB SIMPSON: I think my swing is getting better. I think we're driving it well and having plenty of birdie opportunities. I think we're just capitalizing where we need to on the par-5s, and I think we're thinking really well around the golf course.

Q. You were able to handle last week so well. How were you able to do that?
WEBB SIMPSON: In that situation you just have to draw on past experience, and I was in the same position in Tampa. You just learn from it and you go out and try to do your best and try to just keep playing in the same rhythm that you've been in on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and I think I did a good job of it.

Q. Arnold Palmer was saying how well you handled it and how he thinks you're going to be winning here pretty soon. What's that mean to you?
WEBB SIMPSON: It means a ton. He's a guy I've always looked up to, and obviously playing under his scholarship at Wake was pretty special. A guy that's won so many times around the world and been the ambassador for golf that he is, it means a ton and gives me some confidence.

Q. Obviously it won't get you the win, but is there any solace that the USGA is taking a closer look at that whole situation?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I've heard that they are maybe going to make a change sometime this year, maybe next year. But it is what it is. I'd like for it to get changed. I think every other player on the PGA TOUR agrees with me, so we'll see what happens.

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