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May 5, 2011

David Toms


Q. I bet it feels good to be back on the leaderboard here.
DAVID TOMS: Yeah, I certainly will take 6-under par on a day like today. It was cold this morning, and we were all out there with our jackets and sweaters on and playing these long par-4s. I hit a lot of woods early into par-4s, which if I can shoot 3-under on the front nine as long as it played, I'll take that any day.

Q. How different is this course from when you won?
DAVID TOMS: Just overall length. There's more length there. Obviously 8 is a totally different hole. But other than that a lot of the same type tee shots where you've got to drive it good, and I feel good on the greens here. I've always putted fairly well, and I did that again today.

Q. Was it a matter of the whole game working or were there certain parts you were executing especially well?
DAVID TOMS: I think I was just real patient early when the course was playing long. You know, I played well the last few times I've played, so I knew that it was there, I just had to stay patient. And then birdieing 6, which was almost a 250-yard par-3, and then made eagle on 7, that got me started, and I started playing well, hitting in the fairway for the most part after that, hitting it on the green and I made a few putts and just played a good, solid round.

Q. What have you done to manage your health?
DAVID TOMS: Well, I don't spend as much time bending over on the putting green, don't hit as many balls, so my practice has to be productive. And other than that just try to stay as healthy as possible, stay positive and be mentally ready when I show up to golf tournaments and play well that way.

Q. Obviously we're a decade removed from Atlanta. It's on the calendar this year. Any coincidence to that?
DAVID TOMS: You know, I'm excited about it. That was a big year for me. I had won three times that year, and it was just one of those magical years. I haven't been able to do that since. But my game is coming around. The golf course, they've made some changes there and it'll be tough with Bermuda greens, tough to hold the greens with some of those long shots, but I look forward to going back and hopefully playing well.

Q. Obviously that's the most significant victory, but where does this one rank?
DAVID TOMS: I mean, any time you can win on a golf course like this against the quality field that they always have here, that's a feather in your cap. So just knowing that I'm a former champion here, it always gives me that extra confidence coming back here to play every year.

Q. And the first one.
DAVID TOMS: That's right. I made them change the golf course. It must have been too easy for me to win, so they had to make some changes. But I've played some good rounds since here, I just need to put four rounds together.

Q. Do you have the 5-wood from '01?
DAVID TOMS: It's in a glass case in my game room.

Q. Do you look at it every once in a while?
DAVID TOMS: Yeah, my wife made it look like it's one of those historical clubs. It looks like it's an antique, but it's a half graphite, half steel shaft, so it looks kind of funny sitting in that case.

Q. Do you have any specific goals you're trying to hit this year?
DAVID TOMS: No, just trying to play well. I mean, 44 years old, still out here grinding away, and when I show up every week I'm just trying to play my best. I'd love to win another golf tournament. I've been stuck on 12 for a long time. But I mean, that's what motivates me to come out here and play obviously. I'm just kind of going to go out and play each shot the best I can.

Q. Do you think about Hall of Fame at all?
DAVID TOMS: I've got a ways to go to do that, but I mean, I think about it sometimes. I know I've been on the ballot before and got exed, so I need to play a little bit better.

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