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April 30, 2011

George McNeill


Q. You're playing well again. Tell me about the round.
GEORGE McNEILL: Thanks. I got off to kind of a slow start and made a few pars, and then Pete and I started making some birdies. Just tried to drive off each other.
He had a couple hiccups here and there, but I kept it going so made a few birdies on the back and ended up at 7-under.

Q. Nice looking eagle on the last hole as well.
GEORGE McNEILL: I did. I didn't really want to go for it off the tee, and that's basically where you make your decision. But my caddie, Pete, he said, Hey, why don't you just go ahead and hit driver. You've been driving it well and everything else.
So I gave it a go and hit a good one. Had an opportunity to hit it on and I did, so it worked out.

Q. You haven't played in all that many tournaments this year. This is just your fifth event of the season. Yet you come in and your game looks good.
GEORGE McNEILL: Yeah, this is surprising to me. This is only my fifth event. I've played well or halfway decent in the other events that I have played. I was fifth in Puerto Rico.
But just being at home and being able to rest is also nice. I don't want to be in this category that I'm in. But I put myself in this position, so I'm going to try to get myself out of it.

Q. Not fully exempt yet on Tour. That could change in the coming weeks maybe even on Sunday night. But talk about the golf course. I thought it would be playing difficult. I saw all the winds and the greens are firm, but seeing some good numbers. Why is that?
GEORGE McNEILL: Honestly, I have no idea. The wind is blowing a little bit of a different direction than it has the first two days. But it blew two different directions on Thursday and two different directions on Friday. It's basically been the same all day today.
I think the hard holes are playing downwind, and the easier holes are playing into the wind. It allows for some scoring. The greens are hard and fast and everything else, but they're in some positions where you can get to them.

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