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April 29, 2011

Josh Teater


Q. Eight birdies out there. You double bogeyed the last, but were there more positives from this round than negatives?
JOSH TEATER: Way more, yes. Just kind of changed up the play there on 18 hitting 3-wood instead of driver like I had been. If I had it over, I'd probably hit driver. But the other 17 holes were great.

Q. What specifically is working well in your game?
JOSH TEATER: I think over the last couple of weeks, my caddie has done some work with the End Point guys.
I felt like I've been hitting putts where I was looking for a while, but we just weren't seeing any results. Now the last few weeks I feel like I started making putts. I made some today that I'm usually not going to make. But when the ball's going in the hole, I guess you just let it happen.

Q. Can talk about the round as a whole, including the bogey on 18?
JOSH TEATER: It was actually a double bogey I finished with there. But through the first 17 holes it was great. That's what I'm going to remember. That's what we're going to work off of tomorrow. Try to give ourselves chances on the green and hit the fairways. Hopefully they'll keep rolling in like they were today.

Q. How do you put that past you, that finish? Is there anybody to talk to to get past that?
JOSH TEATER: Just forget it. It's over. You can't do anything about it now. You can't sit there and talk about it. It stays in your mind. I'm done with it. I'm going to step out there on that tee tomorrow and hit it right down the middle of the fairway.

Q. What happened on that tee shot?
JOSH TEATER: I don't know. It was kind of on an up-slope. And I don't know if my club just got stuck, but I was trying to hit it left of the flag and middle of the green and it shot out right on me.

Q. What club and how far?
JOSH TEATER: I had about 177 to the hole, and I hit 6-iron trying to take the short out of play and put it on the green.

Q. When you hit it out, was that the distance you were hoping to get for your third shot?
JOSH TEATER: I hit an 8-iron out of the trap because that's all I knew I could get over the lip. I couldn't get it up where I wanted, but that was as close as I could get from where I was off the tee.

Q. That up and down on 17 with that downhill lie, (Indiscernible)?
JOSH TEATER: Yeah, the lie was downhill but there was a lot of green to work with. That's where my caddie and I were trying to put it. If we're going to miss the green, it was back there. We thought it was pretty flat, but I got it a little further than expected.

Q. Can you just talk about being in contention on a positive note heading into the weekend atop the leaderboard?
JOSH TEATER: Yeah, it's good. In Houston I was kind of in the same area. I was the next to last group on Saturday. I had one bad hole on Saturday that kind of got me out of it.
But it was great to be there, and I'm looking forward to it.

Q. What did you learn from that Saturday?
JOSH TEATER: I just learned that I can do it. Just be focused and every shot matters. If it's a pretty easy shot that I had trouble with there, but just keep doing what you know how to do.

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