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April 28, 2011

Richie Ramsay


Q. 4-under is a good score on this course, isn't it.
RICHIE RAMSAY: 4-under but the last leaves a bit of a bitter taste because I hit probably the best drive of the day, miles down there. I had a 7-iron going into the last on the par 5, and I had a good shot. I just had a downslope, and then, I don't know, I was in between chipping and putting, and I putted it down to about six feet and just broke more than I thought.
I missed kind of two or three out there, to be honest, it's one of those ones where you don't know whether it saves a bad round, but I made a couple, as well. If I play the way I did today and just tidy it up, there was a 7- , 8-under there, no problem.

Q. On what is a tricky course at the very least.
RICHIE RAMSAY: Yeah, it can be tricky, if the greens are firm tricky. There's a couple of tough pins out there, you know, just above the slopes. If you're two yards short, back down the slope and instead of having a ten-foot birdie putt, you have 30 foot up a slope and you need to judge it pretty well.
It's tough to get close to all the flags but I hit the ball great off the tee and I was always in a good position to go out there and managed to hit a few close and tap them in from four or five feet.

Q. We had a conversation in China last week and you said things are moving in the right direction?
RICHIE RAMSAY: Yeah, they are moving in the right direction. I just wish I was able to finish it off last week. But I was a little bit down after last Sunday, but kind of putting myself back up and this week is a new week, and you have to kind of start off with a new attitude and forget about the last week.
But definitely the game is getting better and I feel I can compete a lot better on these types of courses which are a bit longer and a bit more used to shooting 5- , 6-under on these type of courses. Hopefully if it just continues this way, I'll feel sooner or later I'll be in that position coming down the back nine Sunday.

Q. New week, different type of week, with the cold weather would you have faced when you first got up today and the nature of this course, entirely different.
RICHIE RAMSAY: When the sun comes out, it's lovely, but when it disappears, it's just that little bit chilly. When you're out hitting balls at a quarter to seven in the morning on the range, you've got the woolly hat on and the mitts out; it's all part and parcel and being from Scotland, you just have to get on with it and I know what it's like.

Q. With these trees around, feel at home?
RICHIE RAMSAY: Well, I play on a links course and there's not many trees there.
I like the course. It's obviously well designed. It suits my eye. I just think it's a good driving course and you've got to put it in position and then you can attack from there. You just have to be mindful of the slopes, and my distance control with the irons is really good. So kind of plays into my hands a little bit.

Q. Anything we should ask you about what happened out there? A particular instance or anything?
RICHIE RAMSAY: No, there was no flashes of brilliance, and there was a little bit of stupid shot that I hit on the 6th hole with a 3-wood. And then I managed to leave my first putt about 20 feet short, which I wasn't overly pleased with. But I made five and got out there and birdied the next. So it was just steady.
You know, I feel quite confident knowing I'm driving the ball great and hitting my irons good. If I chip-and-putt well, I'll be in contention sooner or later and the next few weeks. And that's what I've been trying to do in the last six months is just if I chip and putt better, then I can win, and if you break it down, it's as simple as that.
So if I can just keep on improving that, then hopefully like I say I'll be in position on one of the Sundays sooner or later to make a move.

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