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April 28, 2011

Felipe Aguilar


Q. Tremendous round of golf, and you can tell us about a flawless round of golf; no problems.
FELIPE AGUILAR: I run into a little trouble at the end of the round; the wind picked up and kind of swirling, so difficult to read. I missed a couple of greens coming in but my short game was good. Actually I wasn't as concerned as other times as you miss greens. I played pretty solid today. I hit it good off the tee and hit some good shots and my misses were really good, too.

Q. The way you started with the run of birdies on your front nine, you must have thought anything is possible.
FELIPE AGUILAR: Anything under par for the back nine here is really good. The course is playing great. I came off to a pretty hot start. I made a couple of long putts that really helped, and I could really feel the tension, especially coming into the last couple of holes, but really happy with the round.

Q. A continuation of the lovely run of form you're on?
FELIPE AGUILAR: Hopefully. You never know in golf. You never know until the fat lady sings. It's just the beginning of the round -- you can lose the tournament today, you can't win it. We are just getting ourselves in position to be in contention.

Q. There is a run going, maybe don't want to tempt fate, but you have not been in this kind of consistent form for a while.
FELIPE AGUILAR: This year has been a great year. Last year was really bad. Like I told you before, last year was a year of modesty, trying to realise what you have out here. And put more into my practise and put more emphasis into my game, so this year, things are coming long pretty good. I'm working hard and just trying to get my game back.

Q. More hours on the range and putting green?
FELIPE AGUILAR: A little more hours on the putting green, especially at home. But more than anything, it is a very intense practise whenever I do it, especially with my teachers.

Q. So more dedicated when you are actually there.

Q. Did your mind wander in the past?
FELIPE AGUILAR: Well, you always think that you're doing the right thing until things don't go your way. I had to do some changes and this is the way it works. Sometimes you wonder what is the key for it but hopefully it's working.

Q. Standing here in a sweater, very elegant, presumably needed today.
FELIPE AGUILAR: Yeah, even though the sun is out, the wind is cold and the weather is probably close to 13, 15 degrees. The wind being cold, it feels a little bit colder. We'll see what happens tomorrow. It going to be freezing in the morning and after the weeks we've been playing in the very hot weather, you have to get kind of adjusted.

Q. That's the point I was going to make. Is it an easy adjustment to make?
FELIPE AGUILAR: No, it's not easy, and especially on me, I would rather play in hot weather than cold weather -- I think everyone does, but that's the way it is. That's the way The European Tour is and that's one of the things that you sign for whenever you come out here, playing hot weather, cold weather, rain, perfect weather. You have to be a 4 X 4 player to play out here. You kind of get used to it after a while.

Q. Do you have a putting green at home?
FELIPE AGUILAR: Yeah, I have a chipping green at home and a putting green inside my house. What happens is my wife loves to watch golf. I don't like to watch golf. My kid like to watch soccer games and stuff like that. The only way that I can spend a lot of time with my kids and wife, is they watch a lot of television and I putt inside the house.

Q. Explain that scene. Does she watch you putt?
FELIPE AGUILAR: I have an inside green in my special place, and usually I watch -- I pick on the television, see, I know that guy, and that's a good shot. But usually get more practise in whenever she watches television and she goes, "Did you make it? I didn't hear (sound of ball going in)."
So it's fun, and after a commercial she comes over and we do little competitions and things like that. Actually it's one of the best things I've done so far is just making the green inside the house.

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