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November 10, 2005

Paul Lawrie


GORDON SIMPSON: Paul, a round today of 64 and one of three co leaders at the top of the leaderboard. Playing here this week by invitation, I'm sure you're very glad that came through.

PAUL LAWRIE: Oh, just a little, yeah. It was nice, obviously. Playing a lot better recently so it was kind of justified I think. Obviously today it was nice to get a good score.

GORDON SIMPSON: Can you give an assessment of your round went today?

PAUL LAWRIE: I played very solid, I played very well. Obviously you're holing a lot of putts when you shoot 64, but they were kind of quite close in, nothing really long. But I took all of my chances, which you have to do when making that kind of a score. I played well.

GORDON SIMPSON: I think you made a valid point there, certainly 2005 was a pretty good year. Could you sense good things ahead, and since we're in the start of the 2006 season?

PAUL LAWRIE: Yeah, obviously you want to get off to a good start every year, really, and obviously today has been the best start probably ever.

2005 was a year to try to get back in a little bit. I've been struggling a bit for a while, so this year was two seconds, some other good finishes. It was obviously 48th on the Order of Merit is not what I was looking for, but we're getting there. We're the getting back to where I want to go.

Q. Two questions. When did you get the invitation? When did that come through?

PAUL LAWRIE: Last Tuesday. Monday, Tuesday, something like that.

Q. Did you sort of come here thinking that you want to sort of get a good start to the 2006 schedule, or is it still in the 2005 mode, perhaps in terms of World Ranking points and things like that?

PAUL LAWRIE: A little bit of both. It's the first of the 2006 schedule for everyone, so it's nice to get off to a good start this week. And obviously you're trying to build on the season, as well as sort of get a good start to 2006. So there's a lot of World Ranking points I'm sure this week with the field, a great field. So it would be nice to play well.

Q. What would you have been doing this week? I gather there's 100 mile an hour winds at home or something.

PAUL LAWRIE: No, I live in Scotland, so it's not that bad up there. It's kind of warm up there.

I'm sure I'd be taking the kids to school as normal in the morning, doing my two hour workout mid morning as you do. But I would have been just at home this week, working a bit on my game, taking the kids to school like I said and just sort of chilling out a little bit.

GORDON SIMPSON: Were you going to be finished for the season or will you play in some of the others?

PAUL LAWRIE: I'm not sure yet. Depends how we go this week. But I'm entered for Volvo China Open and Hong Kong at the moment. So we'll see how we go this week and make a decision next week on that.

Q. Looking back at your good days in the tour, and your past two years, your roller coaster ride on the Tour and now you are making a comeback, many golfers they choose to come to Asia when they do quite bad on the U.S. tours, why don't you come to this side to get more points on the Order of Merit?

PAUL LAWRIE: Well, I came over last year for the Volvo China Open and Hong Kong. Obviously the start of the year, I was in Singapore, so it's not as though I don't come to this part of the world. I do play golf over here. I enjoy coming over here, and this week's tournament, obviously a very big tournament, great field. So if you want to get back to where you want, you have to start playing a bit more. So we're trying to venture to places not just in Europe.

Q. I want to ask you a question about what you think about the Chinese potential reaction to your show, and have the noise of the cameras interrupted you?

PAUL LAWRIE: No, I've had no problem at all. I didn't hear any cameras going off today. There was obviously quite a lot of people watching Tiger, but he was on the other side of the course to me. So I didn't have any problem at all today, no.

Q. Unlike the vast majority of the field, you've won a tournament in which Tiger was playing, probably doesn't matter today, but under the crunch, does it help?

PAUL LAWRIE: I would be amazed that guys who haven't won a tournament with him in the field would be thinking that, but maybe they are. Obviously I won at Carnoustie when Tiger was in the field. I don't know who else hasn't won that's a good player that he hasn't been in the field. Obviously since he came on the scene, he's been dominant. He's been the best player.

But come Sunday, it would be nice to play with him and if I had a chance to him, that would certainly be a goal for me. Obviously all of the crowd are going to be watching him this week, and it's going to be a tough draw if you get him at all this week. But you just play your own game and do your own thing.

GORDON SIMPSON: Paul, well played again.

End of FastScripts.

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