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April 23, 2011

Ricky Barnes


Q. Ricky, 67 on Friday, another 67 this afternoon. 4-under, had an early bogey but then five birdies, kind of sum up what went on there today?
RICKY BARNES: Yeah, I played really good golf. I hit the green on No. 4 and had pretty much no chance to get my putt within four to five feet. And then I've just played good golf after that. I birdied the par-5 after that, and just hit a lot of greens. I think I only missed maybe two greens after that the rest of the day and played solid. Left myself short par putts when I needed to and picked up a few on the way.

Q. How different was this golf course today? Because obviously the winds are up pretty good especially on the backside.
RICKY BARNES: Yeah, a little trickier in the trees, I think than what a lot of people are used to -- this is only my second year, but I've heard a lot of tricky stuff I guess on back in the trees. And it was today, too. I waited until I felt like I had the right either gust or wind to hit the golf club that I needed to and it paid off.

Q. Got to ask you, how's the back? This is five or six weeks that you've been playing, tied for 20th at the Masters, how are you holding up?
RICKY BARNES: Yeah, it's good. This is my third week. I'll go from here and get some more treatment. Ice has been a good friend for me. And hopefully we can finish off this three-week stretch tomorrow with a good round and enjoy the week off next week.

Q. Well played today. Good luck tomorrow.
RICKY BARNES: Thanks, guys.

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