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April 21, 2011

Chad Campbell


JOHN BUSH: Chad Campbell joins us here in the interview room at the Heritage. 6-under par, 65, Chad, tremendous round, tremendous finish, three straight birdies to close it up. Let's get your comments.
CHAD CAMPBELL: I played really well today. We don't catch this course too often with little or no wind. So it was nice to go out and take advantage of it. I made a few putts and it was a good start to the week.
JOHN BUSH: Not a great start to the tournament, bogey on the first.
CHAD CAMPBELL: The pin being kind of left, back on the left, I had a little hook in there and hit it too far and went over the green into the mulch and chipped it past the hole. Kind of a debacle there on the first hole.
JOHN BUSH: Struggled a bit first part of the year and turned that around a little bit. Just comment on your season to this point.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, I actually thought I played all right all year. My stats and finishes don't show it at all. But I feel like I played decent, just haven't really got anything out of the rounds. I felt like I've been struggling with my putts and my short game, so I spent time working on that. Today I was able to go out and make a few putts, so it was nice to see.

Q. Really took advantage of the back nine, usually you think of it as the tougher nine out here. What did you get going on that side?
CHAD CAMPBELL: You know, kept the ball in the fairway, and had a lot of good iron shots in there, you know, pretty close. So I was able to make the putts. And I think I made, on 16, made probably a 30-footer and made probably close to the same on 10, probably 20, 25 feet. So, you know, those always help. Just playing pretty solid.
12, I hit it down the right side and kind of had a bad angle and just hit it just long of the green and was able to make par there. But other than that, kept it in play and kept it pretty close on the back nine.

Q. When you're getting ready for the approach at 16 and then standing on the tee at 17 and you expect the wind to be coming right at you, you must have been shocked that it wasn't.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah. I mean, I think this is my 9th or 10th year to be here, and I don't think I ever remember playing it with this little wind. I can't imagine it's going to be like this all week. I'm sure we'll get a little wind and it will be tougher.

Q. Did you feel like, okay, I've got a chance to take advantage of this?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, you can. It's still a great test even when the wind is not blowing. You've got to get the ball in play and it's not easy out there. Definitely have a chance to make some birdies when the wind isn't blowing.

Q. You talked about your early season, earlier this season, you missed four cuts in a row and you've kind of put it together since then, was there anything you were working on during that stretch?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, mainly short game over everything. I think of those four cuts I think I missed three of them by a shot. You know, just little things here and there. So it was getting a little frustrating. I felt like I'm playing halfway decent, but just not scoring very well. It happens a lot out here. I think it all boils down to the short game and just made some putts here and there, keep the momentum going, par saves, this and that throughout the round.

Q. You've been out here a number of times, how do you feel this golf course suits you? You keep coming back, so there must be something you like about it.
CHAD CAMPBELL: I love this course. If not my favorite, it's in the top two or three. And the event is great. I don't think I've had many great finishes here. I think maybe around 20 one year is about my best. But I always feel like it suits me well. And I always keep coming back, just because I like the golf course, I like the event and it's such a great place.
JOHN BUSH: Thank you, Chad.

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