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April 17, 2011

Charley Hoffman


Q. Charley, what a nice Sunday round. You put some pressure on, the eagle really got you going.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Struggled around, make some good par putts early and obviously made a birdie on the driveable par 4 and then I chipping in on 8 was a big surprise, making birdie on 9.
I stole a few there in the middle and played pretty good golf and on -- on the back-9, putts didn't go in, the shots, I hit good shots that didn't turn out. Little gusty out there.
I'm pretty happy with the way I finished. Probably come up a couple short. Pretty cool experience. Not as cool as the ride on Tuesday.

Q. Your ball striking was brilliant. Just the one wayward tee shot. It wasn't really wayward. Hit it through the break.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I was trying to hit a cut there and I pulled it. I would say it was dead straight. All in all, not too bad.

Q. You know these kids that are fighting for the win, they're California kids. They didn't buckle.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: No. I played with Kevin yesterday. He played some good golf and obviously they're playing good golf today. It was in pretty tough conditions. You have to hit some good shots there on the back-9 and obviously they're doing it.

Q. Eventful week, go home and get some rest.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I appreciate it.

Q. Tell me about the eagle on 8 and following that with a birdie on 9. What were you feeling after that?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I hit a great drive on 8, and had 280-something. I hit a hybrid and flew it. Two yards too long. Went over the green and I had a pretty challenging chip and ended up one hopping in there which was nice, sort of get the tournament going, and stole a birdie on 9. Got it up there on the top shelf, pin was way back left. I was trying to chase it back there. Stayed up there and poured one in.
Actually had a great opportunity on 10 to keep it going and barely misread it. Hit a lot of good putts. Didn't pan out.

Q. Talk to me in more detail about the back-9. One birdie, one bogey on the back-9. Obviously an opportunity for you. Did you feel like you missed one?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I mis-clubbed a couple times, the wind in the wrong direction didn't help you when I thought it was helping. All in all, the bogey on 14 sort of killed my round. If I hit the tee shot in the fairway I had a chance to go for it in two, ended up in the cactus and had a chance for par. That's all I had. That sort of slowed me down. Catch one there, you never know.

Q. All told, how do you take stock of this week?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: It was a great week. I mean Valero does a great job obviously giving back to the community, $9 million they're giving back to the community. The best part of my week was going up in the jet fighter on Tuesday and seeing what those guys do for a living. It's amazing what these guys put their bodies through.

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