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April 16, 2011

David Ferrer


D. FERRER/J. Melzer
6-3, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What does it mean for you getting to the final of Monte-Carlo?
DAVID FERRER: (Through translation.) I'm very pleased to be in the finals. It can be either Rome or Monte-Carlo. I'm very pleased to be in a final of a Masters 1000.
I was once in Rome, and I want to do that again.

Q. Looks like it will be an all-Spanish final again. I know we shouldn't say that, but we know what he's like here. What is it about Spaniards and clay? Why do you love it so much?
DAVID FERRER: (Through translation.) I don't really know why we as Spanish players are so good on clay.
What I can say is we start playing on clay from the very beginning, when we are very young. Also there are many people around us that know a lot about clay and help us. Maybe that's the reason.

Q. Did you expect to play so well from the first clay court tournament?
DAVID FERRER: (Through translation.) Well, yes, I had hoped that I would feel so well. I'm full of confidence. I feel good physically, and also with my tennis.
I hope I'll keep going.

Q. If it is Rafa that you play, do you believe you can beat him?
DAVID FERRER: (In English.) Well, I will try to do my best. I don't know if I will beat him on clay court. I know is more difficult than hard court or court more faster.
But I have to play my game. I have to play very aggressive, very consistent. I will see. I don't know. I know it's very difficult, of course, because he's the best player of history of clay court.

Q. How easy was it to beat Melzer today?
DAVID FERRER: (In English.) Maybe the key was in my serve. I play very consistent. I don't did mistakes. I play very regular and very focused all the match.

Q. Talk about the beginning. Were you scared?
DAVID FERRER: (In English.) No, I don't scared. I was thinking, the beginning of the first games, he plays really good game, plays very aggressive. Surprise to me.

Q. What makes Rafael Nadal more difficult to play on clay specifically? What is it in his game that makes him more difficult on clay?
DAVID FERRER: (In English.) Because the court is more slow.
(Through translation.) He has a lot of topspin that adapts well to clay.
(In English.) Is more difficult to make the points.

Q. Do you think that Rafa is the fastest player on the court?
DAVID FERRER: (In English.) Maybe. Maybe. Very faster player, yes.

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