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April 16, 2011

Jurgen Melzer


D. FERRER/J. Melzer
6-3, 6-2


Q. You started 3-1 up. What happened after that?
JURGEN MELZER: Well, I think out of the first five games, I should have won all five of them. That's why he was still in the first set. After this I played a bad service game at 2-, 3-All. You could see in the beginning he didn't feel comfortable at all. The longer the match went on, the more comfortable he felt and the discomfort I felt.
I was struggling then to create the point. It was more him that was playing. He got a better depth with his forehand, didn't miss so much with his backhand.
It's tough against him. You don't get a lot of chances. Those you have, you have to take. I think the luck I had the last two matches, I was a little bit unlucky today with a few bad bounces on important moments. I mean, that's tennis. You can't always have this momentum on your side.

Q. How difficult is it to get focused the day after beating Federer?
JURGEN MELZER: Oh, this was no problem. If you're in the semifinals, you want to win no matter who you beat the day before. I knew it's going to be a tough match, but I'm a little bit disappointed. I think the score is a little bit - 3-2 - is too easy than what like what the match was.
First set, as I said, I had my chances. I only made 1 out of 9 breakpoints. That's a big disappointment. Also my service percentage, it felt like I was serving 10%.

Q. Your back hurt?
JURGEN MELZER: No, this was fine. No problem at all. My back, we did a lot of treatment yesterday. The problem was solved pretty soon. That's why the muscles had to relax. Today no pain.

Q. Good start to the clay season getting to the semifinals here. Pleased with your work?
JURGEN MELZER: Of course. I mean, today who wouldn't be disappointed? Tomorrow I'll be very happy with the way I played this week. I've never really had a great start in a clay court season, so I'm very positive to play the next tournament.

Q. Just about yesterday. Whenever Federer loses, there's talk of a crisis. Do you sense his level dipping a little bit at the moment or not?
JURGEN MELZER: That's what I said yesterday in the press conference. I think, I mean, he handles it great, but it must be frustrating for him. Every time he loses, the press says, Now you're in a slump, you're not the player that you have been before. I mean, he has won so many slams. I just personally think it's a lack of respect to tell him, You're in a crisis.
Obviously he wants to win every tournament. There is other players out there that want that, as well. He's not dominating the tour as he used to, but this is probably also because the other players improved.
I mean, it's nice. Tennis would be boring if Roger would win every week.

Q. David doesn't have the most impressive shots on the tour. What makes him so difficult to play?
JURGEN MELZER: How many balls did he miss today? Not a lot. You really have to push hard and take the balls early. I mean, I started missing too much. On clay, you know, he's a tough competitor on any surface, but especially on clay you really have to play well.

Q. You had him in trouble when he was serving for the match with the two breakpoints. Did you hurry a bit or good defense from him?
JURGEN MELZER: Well, I mean, he served one ace, I think. On the other one, I cannot remember. I don't know.
I mean, he's two breaks up. He kind of still has his safety break in hand. I let loose. I mean, I was with the back to the wall, kind of risk. Yeah, the match it wasn't over, but he had it in his hands. Let's put it this way.

Q. Just what you said about the start of the match. He took about 10 minutes to hold his serve. Did you generally sense that he was nervous at that point?
JURGEN MELZER: Well, the way I can play, it makes him feel a little discomfort. So that's what I tried to do. The first game, I mean, was big. I had a lot of break chances. I couldn't convert.
But at that moment of the match, I felt like, Okay, I'm in control. He doesn't hit his shots. He's hesitating a little bit. Especially with the backhand, he was missing. Then the momentum changed and now I sit here and lost the match.

Q. How much do you enjoy playing on clay courts?
JURGEN MELZER: Well, I love playing on clay court. I mean, you have to be a really complete tennis player to compete on clay and be on top of it. You have to move well. You have to be able to hit the ball. So if you have all these abilities, you're obviously going to be successful.
I just like to move on clay. That's why, I don't know if it's my favorite surface, but I really enjoy the clay court surface.

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