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April 15, 2011

Roger Federer


J. MELZER/R. Federer
6-4, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. (Question regarding the wind on the court.)
ROGER FEDERER: It always has an effect on both guys. I think probably being down in the score didn't help, that the wind started to come maybe after the first set when I was down. Maybe when I'm looking for rhythm, trying to create something, it was hard, you know.
Even in the wind, I had all my chances to come back into the match. He did well. I think he played aggressive, was able to mix it up. Obviously, I wasted way too many breakpoint chances today, which was unfortunate.

Q. Did you feel a little bit off your game from the start? Was it more a case of how well he played?
ROGER FEDERER: No, I mean, I think it was a combination. I don't think I played terrible. I thought it was okay. Obviously, it was still the first week of clay, so I don't expect myself to play my very best. If I would, that would be a pleasant surprise.
I think it's been a solid tournament. I think he played well when he had to. Like I said, the chances I was able to miss today was just too much. I think I should have definitely gotten one of the sets, you know. I'm always down in the score, running behind. Every time I had this slight opening, things didn't go my way. Either he shanks them and they stay in play, he hits the line. I try to do something, I miss by a little bit. All those things accumulate to something quite frustrating. That's what made it hard.
Look, I thought he did well. He played aggressive, played the right way he was supposed to.

Q. Does it make a difference to lose to a player who is not Djokovic or Nadal?
ROGER FEDERER: Not really. Look, I don't think I've lost against a left-hander other than Nadal in, I don't know, seven or eight years. I'm happy to have done something like that. Then again, you know, it's always disappointing regardless against who you lose.
As long as you keep trying, test all the things out there, you feel like you gave it all the chances, that's really what matters to me.
Look, I wish I could have gone further in the tournament. You know, it was okay. I got three matches. I'm pretty happy.

Q. What I meant is to lose to Nadal and Djokovic is more acceptable for you. Melzer is not of the same standard, even if he's a top-10 player.

Q. What will you do the next couple weeks?
ROGER FEDERER: I'll be back in Switzerland training on clay. Hopefully the weather is going to be okay so I get some chances to hit outdoors. Otherwise I'll hit indoors on clay, go somewhere else, go early to Madrid, whatever it is, play it by ear. Yeah, I'm looking forward to going back home.

Q. Anything in particular you'll use that time to work on?
ROGER FEDERER: Clearly, that's what I said. The whole time this month is really important for me for working on all aspects of the game really, get physically and mentally fit for a tough stretch ahead of us with Madrid, Rome, the French, Halle, Wimbledon. It's quite something, so you better be ready. That's what I plan to do the next couple weeks.

Q. Both Madrid and Rome are Masters 1000. What is the different approach for you? How do you react to them? Do you see any difference, Madrid, Rome, different tournaments?
ROGER FEDERER: They are different places, different countries, different languages.
Look, this year it changes around that Madrid has the first slot, which I think is clearly better for everybody. I mean, we were never really happy that Madrid had the second slot because of the pre-French playing in altitude, it wasn't a smart thing. Listen, now we have it in a better way, which I think some players are happy about.
Look, for me it never really changed up much. I usually played okay regardless. I usually always had sort of a good week either the Rome week or the Madrid week. So I hope for the same again.
Yeah, I'll be well-prepared for Madrid because I'll be coming out of practice with plenty of matches. I'll be there early enough to get ready for the altitude.

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