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April 15, 2011

Charley Hoffman


Q. You won, I guess today, with the course as difficult as it was.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah. I got off to a horrible start, 5-over after ten holes. Really every shot that I thought was halfway decent didn't turn out. Couple that I thought was good didn't turn out good.
Then I got it going on the back and got lucky on a few shots I hit bad that had the ability to hit the green and played a couple birdies and finishing 1-over after being 5-over after ten, pretty happy about that.

Q. What turned it round for you?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: You know what, made a good birdie on 2, I two-putt there. Then good birdie on 4 and just sort of hit a couple good shots on -- got lucky on 6. Hit it in sort of the weeds on the right, had a shot and ended up making birdie there, and birdied 8.
Obviously the wind died down a little bit for us coming in there. So those holes like 6, 7, 8 and 9 didn't play as hard as I'm sure they played this morning.

Q. When the wind flip-flops like this, I guess all courses when the wind changes its normal direction makes it that much harder, then you dry out the course, too.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I think we played this one at some point last year. We know how it blows out here and we're ready for it. I played this course, I think, in all the wind directions. Obviously it's hard. The course, the rules guys did a great job to move the tees up where they needed to. They made it playable. If you get the ball off line, it can go in the bushes pretty fast.

Q. Is there a harder nine, front-9 or back-9?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: For me the back-9. The wind was blowing more. I think both, if you get the ball in play off the tee you can make some birdies. If you don't, you're going to have trouble.

Q. You played well here last year. What do you like about this course?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I'm not quite sure. It obviously fits my eye all right and got some good breaks and -- throughout the day. Maybe I'll be there on Sunday.

Q. The scores are obviously high. Would you put this in the Top-10 for hard courses on the Tour?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I think the wind is what makes the golf course so hard. It's hard to get the ball where the pins are when the wind is blowing 25, 30 miles an hour and the greens are pretty firm.
It's different tough but it's obviously going to -- scoring average is high. It's one of the tougher golf courses we play.

Q. What do you have to do on the weekend?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Who knows? If the wind dies down -- I haven't looked at the forecast -- some guys can shoot some lower scores but I'm sure some of them will go out there and shoot low on the weekend and probably 11, 12-under will win the golf tournament.

Q. How would you summarize your year so far?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Very average. Bunch of middle 20s, nothing spectacular. Haven't really put four rounds together. Hopefully put two more together and have a chance.

Q. You're halfway there coming into this event. Because of your success last year, something click and say, "Maybe I can do it again"?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I actually felt real good last week after the Masters. Hit the ball really well. Didn't make as many putts as I wanted to. I made a few putts this week which was nice to keep my rounds together. So I think it built a lot off last week and obviously my success last year.

Q. You mentioned the rules officials moved the tees up. How about the pin locations, were they a little bit more benign because of the wind?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: The pin locations was real hard. They didn't change any pin locations from the day before. They were tough but I don't think there's many easy ones on these greens.

Q. When the wind blows they make it harder, don't they?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Always. Front or center, they're still hard.

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