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April 14, 2011

Gael Monfils


F. GIL/G. Monfils
7-6, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. You were right yesterday. You said you should not give him the opportunity to be brilliant. From the baseline, that's where he is the best.
GAËL MONFILS: Perfect analysis. It's just it. I knew I was going to start the match playing like that. But today I was hitting better than yesterday. I was not able to change my rhythm, to come more to the net, taking maybe the risk of missing.
I played a few short balls that he was able to attack. That was a kind of match you need to avoid.

Q. We could see you wanted to play faster and you were getting frustrated because you couldn't.
GAËL MONFILS: Yes. I know I have the capacity to play a lot faster, but today I wasn't a hundred percent. When he was playing cross-court to my forehand, I was always far away from the ball and I lacked the stamina and the confidence to hit harder or to take the ball earlier and make him run.
When he was playing those loops on my backhand, I should have hit cross-court.

Q. Don't you think it's normal after a two-month break? Did you expect to play at your best immediately?
GAËL MONFILS: You always hope you will. I should not think that it is only a comeback. I should try to play the best I can as soon as possible. I tried to set some goals for myself.
As I said yesterday, today's match was more complicated. I was speaking with a friend, and he said that players like Gimeno or Gil are not the best choice for me to play coming back after the injury because I have to battle from the baseline, and if I have no confidence, it can be a real trap because I'm not aggressive enough.
Playing an aggressive player might be easier because he might either play a winner or miss.

Q. You never played a set in a tiebreaker as long as this one, 1 hour, 26 minutes, did you? It seemed after, you had nothing left.
GAËL MONFILS: Mentally maybe a little. But I was getting frustrated, and he was playing better and better. After a while I started being angry at myself. I was telling myself, If you want to win this, you need to do this and that. I wasn't succeeding.
But I also have to say that the son of a bitch played pretty well. Honestly, he played a good match.

Q. But he's not more than top 50, I believe.
GAËL MONFILS: Well, he played a quarterfinal. He beat good players already.

Q. How are you as far as your schedule is concerned?
GAËL MONFILS: I'm not worried about keeping the time. I have plenty of time to see how I will be doing with the next tournaments.

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