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April 14, 2011

Roger Federer


6-4, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Your serve is better than Miami and Indian Wells. Did you focus on that during these days?
ROGER FEDERER: No, I didn't actually. Yeah, I think I'm mixing it up well, using kick serves, slider, hitting it hard enough, making sure that, you know, I don't have to maybe go through that many second serves. Obviously that's something you focus on on clay courts because returning second serves is usually pretty routine here anyway.
That's why I'm happy that I'm solid on my serve. That allows me then to get an opportunity, when I'm returning, that could be the set if I break.
Today was another solid performance, which I'm very happy about.

Q. What was your impression with Cilic?
ROGER FEDERER: My impression? He actually played a solid match except one game, you know, in the end of the first set where he made some mistakes unfortunately. Fortunate for me. But I think we were both really solid until that point on the serve.
And in the second set, I was able to have one good return game, which was able to surprise him with a few quick returns. I took advantage of that there.
On my serve, like I said, I think I was consistent and didn't maybe allow him to get into the points he wanted to on my own serve, and that's how I was able to control the outcome of the match.

Q. What is the influence of the sponsors with you? For instance, this is a Rolex Masters. Do they push you in a way or ask you, Why don't you play Monte-Carlo because it's Rolex, or no? Do those kind of things happen?
ROGER FEDERER: At the end, every sponsor is the same every tournament I play. It's good to have those partners that don't force me to do anything, seriously. Whenever I want to do the photo shoots and all that stuff, I know in a certain amount of time you also need to do appearances or photo shoots or film commercials, whatever it is, or quick meet-and-greets, all that stuff. I completely understand.
But they don't have any control over the schedule I choose. They politely ask, Are you playing? Okay, you're not playing, we understand. It's a big pity for us, but we understand. They understand the big picture.
Rolex is definitely at the very front of those. They are so into sports, so they know what it means. Especially to Arnaud Boetsch, who I have a very close relationship to. So he understands.
They were delighted when they heard I was going to play here. I'm obviously thrilled myself it's going well while I'm here.

Q. You know tomorrow there is a Rolex meeting with the media. Do they ask you if you would like to appear or they don't even dare?
ROGER FEDERER: I haven't heard anything.

Q. They don't dare (smiling).
ROGER FEDERER: They know what they can ask, what they can't.

Q. You wouldn't wake up at 9:15 when we are supposed to meet.
ROGER FEDERER: You wouldn't want to see me there anyway at 9:15 (smiling).

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