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April 14, 2011

Richard Gasquet


R. NADAL/R. Gasquet
6-2, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. At 4-All, do you have any regrets about a particular shot?
RICHARD GASQUET: Yes, that volley. I think the balls were new. But all the same, you're not supposed to miss a volley like this one against him. You're not forgiven for it. After that, I overdid it a bit.
This is precisely where he's so good. He never misses. He wants to play the angle 50 times in a row, and he does it without missing.

Q. Is it difficult for you to know whether you should move forward to put pressure on him or stay back without allowing him to be in control?
RICHARD GASQUET: Yes, it is difficult. His balls bounce high, they're fast. He has a huge forehand which is very dangerous. Physically, he is extremely fit and his forehand is extremely powerful.

Q. In the beginning you were able to make him stay behind the baseline without forcing it. Is it tough to maintain that pressure for a long time?
RICHARD GASQUET: Yes, it's difficult. After a while you start making mistakes. His forehand is so impressive.

Q. Did you play the match you wanted to play against him?
RICHARD GASQUET: Yes, I did. It was a good match. But I have regrets about that game at 4-All. I believe I played at the level of a top-10 player, but he is one step above.

Q. You believe, apart from him, you wouldn't have problems with any player on clay now?
RICHARD GASQUET: Yes, I do. I think he is better than all the others. He is extremely powerful. Even when he is in a bad position, he hits hard.

Q. Do you believe he's improving consistently or is he just staying at the same level?
RICHARD GASQUET: I believe he keeps improving. He becomes more powerful over the years and he, of course, has more and more confidence, because confidence comes with the titles.

Q. Is he still able to surprise you, like with that passing shot?
RICHARD GASQUET: Yes. He keeps surprising me with new shots. It is impressive that he won six times here, and I think he is well above all the others.

Q. You might be able now to give him some advice for his next opponent.
RICHARD GASQUET: He doesn't have the same style of game as I do and he's 32 years old. He's used to it. He knows what to do.

Q. What should you do against him?
RICHARD GASQUET: Well, to have a chance against him, you need to have a very big serve, like Soderling, for example. You need to be very tall and hit the lines, make sure you don't let him dominate the game.

Q. In your particular game is there anything you did that gave him trouble?
RICHARD GASQUET: When I was able take the ball early and hit a flat shot, it was better for me. Federer knows how to do this very well.

Q. It seemed to me that when you were forcing him to run forward, it was good for you.
RICHARD GASQUET: That's the kind of thing you should avoid doing. Beware of his forehand.

Q. You played well. The only weakness today maybe was your first serve?
RICHARD GASQUET: I didn't serve well today. This is important in a match against him because it gives you some free points, which I didn't have today.

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