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April 14, 2011

Kevin Na


Q. Four birdies, a bogey and one other. Outside of the other, pretty good day. Walk us through, you know, what your thoughts process was. We heard a lot from what -- heard a lot from you being miked up about what was going on. Upon reflection, now, what do you make of that 9th hole?
KEVIN NA: It's unfortunate because I was one under par going into that hole, score anything under par, 3, 4-under or 2, 3-under was a good score today and, you know, I hit a poor tee shot and it looked like it was in the junk and I hit another one which it was in play and it ended up being unfortunate that I found the first one and I call unplayable. Re-teed and hit it in there again and then it was -- then the rest you guys saw. I don't really want to go through it again.
I hit a shot, felt like it hit me and called it on myself and we checked it and it did hit me so the stroke penalty and then I whiffed one and I guess nobody saw that so I had to call that on myself. That was another one.
I thought it was somewhere between -- I got done with the hole, my caddie, I think I made somewhere between 10 and 15 but I think it's close to a 15. They gave me 14 in the beginning and it sounded about right. After the round they said 15. We went and checked the camera. I counted it myself, it was 16 so I just signed for a 16.

Q. Overall, you know, for you, how were you able to put it behind you and actually put together a pretty good back-9?
KEVIN NA: I shot 3-under after that, something like that. I played pretty solid after that. I feel like I'm playing somewhat decent and it was one shot -- actually two but one that started the whole thing and it was one bad hole and what's crazy about this game, one bad hole can basically shoot you out of the tournament. That's what I just did. Without that I shot I believe --

Q. 4-under.
KEVIN NA: 4-under outside of that. No such thing as what if. But, let's say I made 5 or 6 on that hole, I'm looking really good at this tournament, thinking I got a morning tee time and go low tomorrow. Fortunately, I'm sitting at 80. I thought a great putt on the last hole to break 80. I was happy.

Q. Which hole did you hit yourself, which shot was it that you hit yourself?
KEVIN NA: It's all a blur. I think it was like my 3rd shot or something. No, can't be my 3rd, 4th shot.

Q. Why did you think you needed to go back and check the video?
KEVIN NA: I wanted to know exactly what I made. Nobody was sure and to know exactly what I made, I'm the only one that's going to be able know that was a whiff, that's what I did there.
So, you know, I'm glad I went in there and checked it and found out it was a 16. I hate to know I signed for a 15 and think back later and actually add it up, it was 16.

Q. Where did the ball hit you?
KEVIN NA: In the inner thigh, but the shocking thing was I hit it and I felt like it hit me so I looked at my caddy, I said, "I think that just hit me" and he goes, "How does it hit you and end up behind you?" But I thought it hit me but I wasn't sure because rocks, branches, but it definitely hit me.

Q. What about your composure? Do you think you handled -- how do you think your handled yourself?
KEVIN NA: I think I handled myself pretty well. My play just shows that 4-under -- 3-under on the rest of the way in, whatever I did. I hit a lot of good shots and didn't make another bogey afterwards. It just shows you how well I took it.

Q. Would you have slowed down during the ruling or anything like that or changed any part of that, you know, 20 minute period?
KEVIN NA: I wish I went back and re-teed it again and I might have made 8. That's four over. That's what, even par or something?
So, I mean it's a lot of what ifs and what could have been. The only thing I can do is learn from this and hopefully it doesn't happen again.

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