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April 14, 2011

J.J. Henry


Q. J.J., 5-under par, second group out. You got to feel pretty good about that, man.
J.J. HENRY: I do. It was obviously a nice day. Anytime you can start no bogies on the card today, obviously is always nice and on a difficult golf course. The wind blew a little bit. Pretty undulating greens. I just tried to hit in the fairway.
Obviously I think the key out here is definitely a ball striker's golf course. The key is to keep it in play. There's holes you can definitely get in trouble out here. I drove the ball great today and hit the ball pretty close. Pretty stress-free day which, obviously, on a golf course like this, is nice to do that I'm sure.

Q. And you had a couple of birdie putts that came up dead center but a little bit short. They talked about how these greens were going to be a little slower.
J.J. HENRY: There's no doubt. I'm not complaining, obviously. "Could of, would of, should of." Again, I think I hit maybe 16, 17 greens and give myself a lot of good opportunities and, you know, obviously a lot of golf left but I played pretty consistent this year. Played ten events, ten cuts, a lot of Top 20s. Nice to start off and build on it the rest of the week.

Q. Do you think that's kind of good with the golf course because it's not easy off the tee, that it forces you you can't be in an attack mode?
J.J. HENRY: I think so. My strength has always been my driving and hitting a lot of greens, not necessarily where you have to shoot 20 under par to win a golf tournament.
I also like San Antonio. I know it's a different venue for the second time. Playing here probably 11, 12 times have a 2nd place at LaCantera and a couple other Top 5s and for whatever reason, being from Ft. Worth, it's close to home, drive four, five hours down here. Great people and do a great job here. It's always a fun place to come and play.

Q. The adopted Texan, J.J. Henry is feeling very comfortable now with a bogey-free round on this day. This golf has some difficulties. What problems did the course pose and how were you able to overcome it?
J.J. HENRY: Of course, it's a pretty tight golf course. I think first and foremost you got to get the ball in play. I was obviously able to do that today.
I controlled the ball great. Pretty undulating greens. You have to pick your spots. First and foremost you have to definitely place yourself off the tee.
I've been playing great. It was nice to get off to a good start, nice solid round. Nice to be bogey-free. I had a pretty good start this year. Pretty consistent rounds.

Q. You said it, you've had a number of Top 25 finishes, one Top-10. But you haven't been able to get in the winner's circle in about five years. How close are you to getting back to there?
J.J. HENRY: Obviously I've been a lot more consistent this year. I've worked hard on my short game and my putting is really starting to come around.
I feel like I'm 36 years old now, just turned last week, so, hopefully, my best golf is still ahead of me. The consistency is there and that's what I like. It's just a question of giving myself a couple chances, obviously maybe having that one round.
As you know, it's hard to play golf, great golf for four days to win a tournament. I've had spurts of two, three rounds but I'm definitely a lot more consistent.
I feel all aspects of my game, I feel confident and fortunately on a golf course like this you got to feel confident, the holes with a lot of slope and different undulating shots. Definitely a ball striker's golf course. Hopefully I can continue to hit it well and see what happens the next couple of days.

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