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April 13, 2011

Adam Scott


DOUG MILNE: Okay. We'd like to welcome the defending champion of the Valero Texas Open, Adam Scott. Thanks for joining us for a few minutes. Obviously coming off a fantastic year, here last year and great week last week as well. Just a few opening comments on how you're feeling as you're heading into the week defending your title.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah. Well, very pleased to be back in San Antonio to defend this week and, you know, it's a little earlier this year but it's a good thing, I think, for the golf course, lot of good reports on that, so looking forward to getting out there and getting those good feelings happening again from last year and also carrying on the good feelings I had going on the golf course last week. So, excited to, you know, try and hold on to my title here.
DOUG MILNE: I know you've got a 12:30 Pro-Am. Have you seen any of the golf course yet?
ADAM SCOTT: No, I haven't seen it yet. I've been resting the last couple of days. It's been a big last few weeks, certainly through the Masters, trying to rest up and keep the energy levels as high as I possibly can for this week. Hopefully going to play well and be in the mix Sunday.
DOUG MILNE: Okay. With that we'll go ahead and take a few questions.

Q. Adam, coming back to San Antonio after what happened over the weekend, is it hard to kind to recalibrate yourself and get back into the playing mode after playing so well at the Masters?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it's certainly a big let down I think mentally or emotionally after any Major, whether you're in the mix or not. It certainly does take a lot out of you, it's not just the tournament week but it's the weeks before, a lot of practice and the weeks leading up to it.
So, you know, like I said, it was important for me to have a couple days where I did not much and it was nice to be at a nice resort here to do that.
You know, hopefully get back in the swing of it today in the Pro-Am and, you know, hit a few balls and recalibrate and ready to go for tomorrow.

Q. Adam, what did you find with your game after Honda?
ADAM SCOTT: Nothing. Everything was fine.

Q. The results are obviously better since then.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, but it's just part of the process. I played -- I was playing -- I had four holes that were my bad score so, you know, everything is just coming together how I kind of planned it, really.

Q. Adam, how big of a step was that for you to have the runner-up at Augusta and moving forward the rest of your year?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it was good. I mean, you know, that's what we're all trying to do, we're trying to, you know, obviously play good every week but certainly the four Majors are things we look at and, you know, I kind of planned my schedule around being ready for the big events and, you know, Doral was a good week for me, too, I had a good result there at a big event and kept working on the same things three weeks leading into Augusta and, you know, just shows that the preparation and the work that I'm doing with my coach is correct at the moment and, you know, hopefully something to build on there with a good showing at Augusta even though it wasn't, you know, the result I wanted in the end, especially late on Sunday when I felt, you know, I was right there with a chance, very close.
You know, that certainly is a good platform to start building more consistent results in the big events.

Q. Did winning here last year kind of wake up anything about your game that allowed you to carryover all the way through Augusta?
ADAM SCOTT: It was interesting, I mean, you know, you take something away from every event and, you know, thinking back to it, you know, there were so many different things going on in my game last year, you know, I was working on a very new putting feeling.
When I got here I was only working on it two weeks and it was feeling very good and I putted very well here. But the thing I also remember taking away was that I was really struggling with half shots and I think I pulled my 9-iron into the last green on Sunday here and when I got back home to the range, that's something I started working on straight away with Brad, my coach, and -- you know, because I was not happy that I pulled at that critical point, you know, potentially could have cost me the tournament.
So, you know, there's always things to work on even if you win and that's something I've worked on. And then, you know, funny I hit a really great half shot into the 16th at Augusta on Sunday.

Q. What was the club in your hand on that hole?
ADAM SCOTT: Here last year?

Q. 16.
ADAM SCOTT: 7-iron.

Q. What were the days after the Masters like for you?
ADAM SCOTT: Pretty relaxing. I honestly haven't done anything. We got here Monday afternoon and took it very easy, you know. I was actually pretty tired.
And then yesterday we did a thing for Valero with the kids down there that -- at their headquarters and pretty much I've just been with my trainer who has kind of been reassessing where I'm at physically and it's been a nice couple days off. I'm feeling quite good about getting back on the course now.

Q. Adam, with the long putter, are you doing things with it or finding things out about it that are convincing you to stick with it and this would be a long-term deal?
ADAM SCOTT: For now I think so, yeah. There's no point of thinking of anything else. It's going well. Certainly the four times I've used it I've putted well so for now, yeah, it's in.

Q. Did Dave tell you that's what you needed to do, go to the long putter?
ADAM SCOTT: No, my coach Brad.
DOUG MILNE: Last name of Brad?
ADAM SCOTT: Brad Malone, M-A L-O-N-E.

Q. Speaking of Valero yesterday, you see us in here in San Antonio taking $9 million in charity dollars. As a player you guys kind of go place to place and it's a whirlwind.
Do you step back, are you kind of amazed at an event like that that has consistently earned that kind of fund raising muscle?
ADAM SCOTT: It's an incredible effort especially this day and age. You know, no one -- it's harder to raise these kind of dollars now and 9 million is a new record, I think, for the tournament.
So, you know, huge effort on everyone of Valero's behalf getting, you know, those kinds of funds to go. It's fantastic.
You know, we all know it's such a big part of the PGA TOUR and it's nice that the players can get involved every now and again and see some of the effort that goes on behind the scenes just to -- we get to play and enjoy playing golf but so much goes on behind the scenes that's much more important than, you know, the entertainment that we're doing.
DOUG MILNE: Okay. Adam, we know you've got a lot of business to get to. We appreciate your time and best of luck this week. We always appreciate it.
ADAM SCOTT: Thanks, man.

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