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April 12, 2011

Gilles Simon


G. SIMON/T. Bellucci
6-3, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French, please.

Q. Well, your start was very convincing. Are you happy?
GILLES SIMON: It's not my first match on clay, but it's my first match here in this tournament, and it was good. It was a good match, 6-3, 6-2. I'm happy. It was a good fight.
I knew I had to play well because every time I dropped my level of game, he was coming back. So it was a good first round.

Q. You seemed very relaxed for your first match at 10:00 in the morning. You were in a good state of mind?
GILLES SIMON: I'm working on this (smiling). I felt good during practice lately. I knew that player could be a problem for me. But he has a style of game that adapts to mine.
I knew I could win.

Q. It's your 200th victory. Do you remember them at all?
GILLES SIMON: More or less. I remember the finals. I remember the victories against the top players more than the losses against lower-ranked players, even if those losses were also useful for me to learn from.

Q. Is this 200th victory going to be a special memory for you?
GILLES SIMON: No. I played well [oops]. It was a solid match, but nothing striking about that match.

Q. Do you remember last time you won a doubles match?
GILLES SIMON: Three years ago? I never play doubles. I don't like it.

Q. Wasn't it with Safin?
GILLES SIMON: Oh, yes, right, Safin.
But during the whole year, I didn't play a single doubles match because I had problems with my knee and it was already difficult to play the singles so I didn't play doubles. I'm not good at doubles.

Q. But don't you believe this could happen you, playing doubles?
GILLES SIMON: The only thing it brings me is to get annoyed and frustrated.
But in Estoril I will play doubles.

Q. Oh, we'll watch that.
GILLES SIMON: It's going to be quick, don't worry (smiling).

Q. For your next round, who do you think?
GILLES SIMON: Albert, because I think it's Albert. Xavier can play well, too.

Q. He has a regular clay court game?
GILLES SIMON: Yes, he's very consistent. He covers the court well. He improved his backhand a lot. He's a solid player. He won tournaments lately. He had a win against Roger last year.

Q. What did you like most in your game today?
GILLES SIMON: The beginning of my match, I was relaxed.

Q. You're imitating Federer, being so relaxed?
GILLES SIMON: He does that better than I do (smiling).
Being relaxed is not a given for everyone. Anyway, I do not have time to watch Roger play, so you can tell me if I imitate him well or not.

Q. We call you 'the guy from Nice.' What are your ties with that city?
GILLES SIMON: I have a lot of members of my family here, my grandparents, cousins. I was born here, although I didn't grow up here. My parents did. I often come back here. So it's very nice for me to play in front of my grandparents because they only see me play here and in Marseille. It's something extra to this tournament for me.

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