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April 10, 2011

Bo Van Pelt


Q. If someone had told you at the beginning of the week you were going to have that number, would you take it?
BO VAN PELT: I really didn't think about my number, what I was going to shoot. Like I said yesterday, I was just trying to shoot the lowest score I could and see how good that was.

Q. Take us through the last six holes.
BO VAN PELT: Yeah, it's funny, I thought I was going to play the last six really well. That was kind of the week I'd had so far had kind of been kind of slow, just feeling my way out, and then the last six I felt pretty comfortable on and just hit two good shots there at 13 and 15. So it was a lot of fun.

Q. What were your clubs in?
BO VAN PELT: I hit 5-iron in on 13 and 6-iron in on 15.

Q. A lot of guys say they never look at scoreboards. When you get to 13 and you do what you do there, did you peek?
BO VAN PELT: Well, I mean, I knew I had to do something. I thought 11 would probably have a chance. I was at 6, so I thought with two eagle possibilities, I still thought I could play these last six 5-under, and that was kind of my goal. You know, that's what I was thinking. After I made a 2, I was like, all right, you need at least one more and maybe two, and just came out of that 7-iron a little bit on 16, hit it good, hit it too good or it would have probably caught that slope and been down there 20 feet.
And then 17 I hit the wrong club. You know, I think I just had adrenaline, and normally that would just be a little cruiser 9-iron, and you just can't hit it over the green at 17, and I did.

Q. So you come off of 15, what are the emotions? Do you realize you're one back at that point?
BO VAN PELT: Yeah, I mean, I knew I was pretty close. I kind of had a feeling. I didn't know for sure, but I was just trying to still make birdie, seeing how I figured 16 with that pin is a birdie opportunity, and I felt like you're going to have short irons into 17 and 18. I felt like you needed to make at least one more coming in.

Q. You have a spot secured for next year. How does that feel?
BO VAN PELT: It's great. I love this golf course, I love this tournament, so to know already that I am going to come back, I feel like every year you're going to build knowledge and maybe not make the same mistakes the couple times I did, and you're just going to get more comfortable here. This is a place you want to be every April.

Q. How constant were the roars?
BO VAN PELT: It was awesome. I told Chaney, my caddie, on 13, I heard a big roar from Tiger, and then there was a big roar where I hit my shot and then somebody else must have made birdie, and I said, this is the stuff you can't pay for. You know, you can't buy your way to be in the middle of the mix on the back nine on Sunday, and this is why you practice. I just tried to embrace it and was having an absolute ball out there.

Q. Did it feel like 90 degrees outside?
BO VAN PELT: Um, I was walking on air pretty much all day, so the heat didn't bother me.

Q. Did you know a week like this was coming?
BO VAN PELT: You know, I just felt like my long game had kind of been coming around and my putting stroke had gotten a little bit better. So I was pretty confident coming into the week that I would play well. I didn't know how well, but I felt like my game was in good enough shape that I could do something if I just stuck to my game plan, which I did.

Q. If you had anything to take back, would it be 16?
BO VAN PELT: Yeah, probably so. I mean, I think -- I know that slope takes it there, and if I would have just aimed it at the slope, and if I had anything to give back I'd probably take a little bit more aggressive line. It was a perfect 7-iron yardage. I mean, it flew dead pin high, just needed to maybe take a little more aggressive line and would have turned out a little bit different.

Q. Were there any points where you had to raise your voice to communicate with your caddie because of all the noise?
BO VAN PELT: Well, it was loud on 13, but we weren't kind of over a shot, so it didn't matter.

Q. What were the two putts on 13 and 15, how long?
BO VAN PELT: 13 was probably about eight feet, 15 was about six feet.

Q. What was the par putt on 16?
BO VAN PELT: Eight or nine feet. Just left it short. It was back uphill. It had so much slope left to right, I didn't take any consideration that it was kind of back up, and I just left it short.

Q. Were you on the green in the back?
BO VAN PELT: I was on the fringe and then putted to the fringe again and then missed it.

Q. What was going on on 18?
BO VAN PELT: Well, I hit it in the crowd and it bounced off up almost on the green, and then Luke hit a great shot that carried the bunker and then came back off the front, and then he chipped it in, and then somebody did something back on 16, I don't know what, and then I almost chipped it in and everybody was just kind of having fun out there.

Q. Is this the only place where you get that kind of enjoyment?
BO VAN PELT: Yeah, this is it. This is what everybody -- this is what you dream about and what you've heard stories about. There were plenty of roars today. It was a good day to be on the couch watching golf I've got a feeling.

Q. Instead of playing?

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