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April 10, 2011

Adam Scott


Q. It was a pretty wild afternoon out there. How much were you aware, were you trying to figure out what was going on by all the cheers?
ADAM SCOTT: Well I was looking at leaderboards until the last couple holes, really. Pretty much it's hard to not hear all the stuff going on, you know. And it's hard not to look at a leaderboard. But you can tell when guys are making moves.
But I did kind of know I was leading after I birdied 16, but I could hear right behind me what Charl was doing too.
So we were standing in the 18th fairway, I had already hit my shot in and I heard the roar from his birdie, so I knew I had to make it on the last.

Q. Is it fun for a player to be in that atmosphere to hear the cheers going up all over?
ADAM SCOTT: It was. Really it was my first time in that atmosphere, that late on a Sunday here and it was fantastic. I enjoyed the day immensely. And playing with Jason was great and we really kind of spurred each other one with our good play. And it was nice that Jason was playing well. I could feed off it and maybe he fed off me. But it was a lot of fun playing the back nine in that position.

Q. You're well over par here coming into this week for your career, what do you attribute your pretty big turn around this week?
ADAM SCOTT: Last year I kind of started feeling comfortable here. I played so well tee to green last year and struggled on the greens still, but I'm putting well at the moment and that makes up for a lot of that coming here.
Also, the course played very hard for most of the years I've been here and a lot of guys were over par, but certainly I think my game's in better shape than it's ever been this year coming into the Masters.

Q. You, Jason, and Geoff played so well today. How do you feel this will be received back home?
ADAM SCOTT: Well it will be received really well. For the first time in a few years they've really had something to get up for on a Monday morning and watch.
Having three of us right in the mix until the very end, you know, hopefully they're proud of us and probably disappointed like we are that none of us are walking away as champion.

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