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April 10, 2011

Jason Day


Q. A pretty wild afternoon out there. Were you aware of what was going on?
JASON DAY: I was aware of -- obviously I wasn't trying to pay too much attention to the leaderboard, but obviously I took a sneak peak here and there. I knew that I had to birdie 17 and 18 when Scotty got to 12.
And I just said on 17, I need four more good swings. And obviously I finished birdie, birdie which was great and I didn't expect that Charl Schwartzel would come back with four birdies to finish it off, but hats off to him.

Q. You probably watched the Masters before, you heard all about the back nine on Sunday. Did it live up to its billing?
JASON DAY: It was unreal. It's probably the most excited I've ever been in a golf tournament. It's the most exciting tournament I've ever played in.
And you just -- you're out there in the middle of the fairway and there's roars around you and you don't know what's going on. And then all you see is that little number pop up on the leaderboards and everyone screaming. And it's an amazing feeling to be out there in the thick of things.

Q. How difficult was it to control your focus? You said last night you had a game plan you were going to stick to.
JASON DAY: Yeah, it was very hard. I came out of the blocks, I hit a few loose drives coming out of the blocks and once I birdied 2 that settled me down a little bit, which was nice.
But I knew that I didn't have to do too much to have a chance of winning. And in the end that was 2-under coming up 17 and I birdied the last two holes to actually have a good chance of winning it.
And I'm very happy with how I handled myself out there, especially this is my third Major ever and this is my first Masters appearance. So I'm very happy how I handled myself and I'm very happy with how my game is right now.

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