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April 10, 2011

Tiger Woods


Q. A hell of a run today, what was it like?
TIGER WOODS: It was good. I got off to a good start on the front nine and on the back nine didn't putt well and hit one loose iron there at 13.

Q. Do you feel like you left a few out there?
TIGER WOODS: Absolutely. I should have shot an easy 3- or 4-under on the back nine and I only posted even. But I'm right there in the thick of it and a bunch of guys have a chance. We'll see what happens.

Q. Tee 12, putt at 12, putt at 15. What happened there?
TIGER WOODS: A pull and a block. So that's about it.

Q. Was it a little frustrating at this point, do you feel like you could have been a few ahead of everybody sitting here waiting?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I could have been, but we could do that every week. So that doesn't really matter. Right now I'm one back and a bunch of guys have a chance.

Q. You did what you said yesterday you had to do, which was make a good start. You said that the key was the front nine to give yourself a chance.
TIGER WOODS: I did. I got off to a nice start there and posted 31 and then on the back nine could have capitalized some more, but I still got a shot at it.

Q. First time in a long time you've really done it under pressure. What was that like today? That's what you needed.
TIGER WOODS: I hit it good all day. This entire weekend I hit it good. So that was a nice feeling.

Q. How good a ball striking round was it?
TIGER WOODS: Really good. It was really good.

Q. All week you preached patience, at what point did you say we got to turn the patience around?
TIGER WOODS: Absolutely not. I still stayed the same. It's just shot for shot. This golf course baits you into doing that. You can get aggressive, you can lose it. Very similar to what I think what Rory's doing out there. That can happen out here very easily and it doesn't take much. It's just one shot here or there and it can go the other way.
So I had to be committed to my spots and I did that all week.

Q. If you could get one shot back which one would it be?
TIGER WOODS: Oh, we can't do that. We do that every week and we would go crazy, wouldn't we?

Q. Which shot gave you most satisfaction?
TIGER WOODS: There was a lot of them out there. It was nice. It was a nice little run there I had on the front nine. But I hit a good shot at 15. That was a nice little holdy 6-iron, a little softee. I think I had like 207 I took something off a 6 and just hit it up in the air.

Q. Does this feel like a turning point for you?
TIGER WOODS: All that matters is that I'm one back right now and we'll see what happens.

Q. Are you expecting a playoff, Tiger?
TIGER WOODS: There's a lot of golf to be played for a lot of guys.

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