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April 10, 2011

Gary Woodland


Q. Good week?
GARY WOODLAND: Yeah. I mean, all in all it was a little frustrating. I didn't get out of it how I played. I drove the ball phenomenal ball week, put myself in great positions, and I think I was pressing a little too much trying to force it in there, and didn't give myself enough good opportunities to make birdies out here. I didn't attack the par-5s, and in the end that's what killed me.

Q. Do you take heart in finishing under par?
GARY WOODLAND: I mean, I played solid today, but I thought I was playing well enough to go low, and I just never did. That's the frustrating part of the whole deal. Just like I said, never gave myself enough good opportunities to make birdies, and when I did I didn't capitalize.
The par-5s, the front nine is what got me this week. I played the back side pretty solid. I played 8-over par, I played 2 even par, and I played 7 from the middle of the fairway all four days 3-over, and you just can't do that.

Q. Looking back after the first day, what were you thinking, and when did it actually materialize in your mind that it could happen?
GARY WOODLAND: I mean, I'll tell you the first day, I really didn't play well. That was probably the worst I played all week. I just got hot the last six holes. I got off to a rough start. I let it get away the second day. I drove the ball phenomenally. I think I only missed one fairway all day, and I shoot over par. That's where I let the golf tournament get away from me. You know, bogeying par-5s, you can't do that, especially when I can hit irons into all of them. I've got to get better at that. That was frustrating. That got me last week and it got me this week, too.

Q. Do you like the golf course?
GARY WOODLAND: The golf course suits me really well. I hit driver and 3-wood -- every hole that goes right to left I can hit 3-wood, and any hole that goes straight or the other way I can hit driver. It suits me to a tee. I've just got to play it better. I've just got to execute. The game plan was perfect, and I got on the wrong side of some holes and hit some bad shots, and the next thing you know you make a big number.

Q. 16, those were two phenomenal shots.
GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, 16 I hit good shots all week. You know, I had it inside three feet twice, and I hit it to about ten feet yesterday with the pin on top. The hole just sets up really good for me, and I had good numbers all week, just aim at that slope every day and hope to hit it. That hole set up pretty good for me.

Q. And today --
GARY WOODLAND: That was great. Obviously we were trying to make it. We both hit it in there really close. You can't really tell with the bunker there how close it was. I thought I was long, so to get up there and see it was close was nice.

Q. Did you say good-good?
GARY WOODLAND: I did, I asked him, I'll pick up if you do first. He didn't want to do it.

Q. What did you hit there?
GARY WOODLAND: I hit 7-iron.

Q. What was it playing today?
GARY WOODLAND: It was 178.

Q. What do you take from this experience, especially moving forward after your first Masters?
GARY WOODLAND: I drove the ball well. For me I've got to drive the ball well to play well, to win, and I did that. My ball-striking is what gets me around golf courses, and it kind of let me down this week. But I played solid. I didn't play great. You know, I've just got to keep building, keep moving in the right direction.

Q. Given the temperature and the heat today, you're in good shape, did you feel it coming down the stretch, and how important do you think it could be for the leaders having to deal with it being really hot?
GARY WOODLAND: I mean, it's hot. I feel pretty good. I've played four weeks in a row, and I feel pretty good. But that golf course is -- it's got to be one of the hardest golf courses we walk all year. Some uphills, downhills, I mean, it's tough, and the heat is going to be -- I think it'll be a factor this afternoon.

Q. We often talk about experience around this place. You've got a 21 year old on the board, a 23 year old, 25 year old. Why is that?
GARY WOODLAND: Well, I think Rory and myself -- I think we have the benefit of playing with Watson -- we've played with some veterans. He played on Monday or Tuesday with Tom, I played on Wednesday with Tom. You get knowledge from that guy, you're doing pretty good. I played the back nine with him, and you look at how I played the back nine this week, he told me what to do on every hole. Like I said, I told someone I should have played the front nine with him, too, and who knows what would have happened. There's a lot of knowledge out here. You've got to trust Rae's Creek, got to pull it on the greens. I didn't do that all week. I missed a lot of putts just not trusting it. So coming back next year, I'll look forward to knowing what's going on.

Q. Do you think there's also less intimidation? Guys that come here ready to contend --
GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, for sure. I think all that -- once you get past that it's the biggest stage in golf, it comes down to it's another golf tournament. You've got to get ready to go. I think some guys it's tough to do that, especially early.

Q. They talked about how this golf course would change a lot from the beginning of the week until Thursday or Friday. Did you find that?
GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, absolutely. I think it firmed up a lot. The greens definitely picked up pace. You know, I think just there's a lot more pressure going in from Wednesday night you're all excited to Thursday, all of a sudden the crowds are getting loud. I definitely see the golf course changing overnight, though, for sure.

Q. What do you make of the international flavor on the leaderboard, especially as a guy who's maybe an up-and-coming American player?
GARY WOODLAND: It just shows us Americans got to get going. I think young international players have won three majors in a row. Looks like they have a pretty good chance to win four in a row. There's a lot of young guys in America coming up, and we've just got to keep doing what we're doing, and we'll be all right.

Q. Do you pay much attention to that?
GARY WOODLAND: No, we just hear about it. We hear about it. I live at Lake Nona where there's 20-some Europeans. I hear about it all the time.

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