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April 10, 2011

Justin Rose


Q. The week got better, didn't it?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, the week did get better. I had to laugh it off today, I think that was a key moment. I hit the pin at 6, went to 3 -- well went to about five feet. I nearly had a hole-in-one and missed the putt.
And then 7, great yardage, missed the ridge, 3-putt.
I just was not getting it, just doing everything I could to not -- yeah, it was like I couldn't, just could not get going.
So me and my caddie, we were just laughing going up 8 he said, "I want you to hit every green and just 2-putt. I want as many putts as possible." You know, so it was kind of weird.
We were just laughing at it and I think that was the key, you know, I just relaxed and if you keep fighting it and fighting it and fighting it, I mean I felt like I played as good as anybody in the field this week, I really have. Just wonderful luck.
But it's nice to finish strong, no doubt. I made a few putts coming in. I just committed, just kept trying to believe, just kept trying to tell myself, your stroke's good. I've been doing a lot of work on the putting green and my stroke is good, there's nothing wrong with the stroke, it's just a little bit of confidence and a little bit of whatever it is, speed and read. But I just kept believing. And it was nice to finish strong, like you said.

Q. And this place is all about that, isn't it, another year under your belt and you're adding to the learning experience here.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, for sure. It still makes me believe that I can win this championship. I feel good around this golf course. I feel like I hit a lot of quality iron shots, I gave myself a lot of chances this week. I hit a lot of greens. I feel like it suits me.
I was watching the golf yesterday, watching a lot of guys who are hitting it long like Day and McIlroy and it makes you feel like maybe you need to pick up a few more yards.
But then when you get out here it's really all about not making silly mistakes and I think that, had I eliminated that -- everyone could say the same thing for sure -- but you eliminate silly stuff, I could contend here. I don't have to do anything different, I don't have to re-invent my game.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JUSTIN ROSE: No, no, no, no I'm not. No. No. I certainly don't feel it. No gray hairs coming through.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JUSTIN ROSE: You know what, it doesn't surprise me. I know he's been in that situation here before, it's a momentum thing. He's going to battle a lot now. I think he can still go on -- great birdie at 7, get the momentum going. But it's not an easy start around here. It's very easy to be 2-over through 5.
And that's what I felt, if he was 2-over through 5 it was going to be a tough day. But hopefully he can battle back. But it just shows you, I mean it's just not an easy game.

Q. You know him well, what do you think he's feeling right now?
JUSTIN ROSE: I think he's pretty with it. I think he'll be doing his best to stay, to think all the right things. I think he's going to battle all the expectations of the galleries and the crowd and everyone wishing him well and, "Come on, Rory." And everyone trying to get him going where he just needs to be stay patient here at this point.
Obviously, Tiger's lighting it up, the crowd getting behind that, that was awesome. Playing today was Augusta Sunday, you heard the roars coming up and you knew exactly who it was and what hole it was and what type of cheer. Was it a birdie cheer or was it an eagle cheer.
So it was a classic Augusta Sunday, obviously a little bit too early to really feel it, but it was pretty amazing out there.

Q. What's your schedule now?
JUSTIN ROSE: Two weeks off and then I play Zurich Classic in New Orleans, Quail Hollow or whatever it's called, Charlotte, and then the PLAYERS Championship and then come back to England for two weeks, a week off and then the BMW Wentworth. So I'm looking forward to that run.

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