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April 8, 2011

Ben Crenshaw

Carl Jackson


Q. (Inaudible.)
BEN CRENSHAW: The people were so gracious today and so sweet to Carl. And they're so heartfelt, it's so heartfelt. They're seeing something that's not going to happen again. And there's a huge part of this place. He's a huge part of this place.

Q. When you came here this week what were your thoughts about obviously spending time with Carl and what are your thoughts about going forward?
BEN CRENSHAW: I'm just going to think about it. It's coming up soon. I'll just do some thinking and make my own decision.
But the main thing is that it's Carl's 50th here. So that was foremost. And then you know, believe me, he's strong, he can go another, he can go another 10, it seems to me. He just, he's just great.

Q. Talk about last night.
BEN CRENSHAW: We had a party with our friends and the appreciation for Carl and our friendship and it was very emotional.

Q. Was it emotional for you Carl? Did you have emotional moments today out there?
CARL JACKSON: The fans were so appreciative all day.

Q. Could you have believed when you first got together with Ben as long ago as you did that you would still be carrying his bag?
CARL JACKSON: Well, again I said I would carry it as long as I could.

Q. How hard will it be when you step away? You love this tournament.
BEN CRENSHAW: Well sentimentally it will be, if it comes to that. But I've had a wonderful life just here at Augusta. My God I spent a lot of my life here and have had a lot of great moments that are life giving to me I don't know if it will be that difficult, really. I've been really lucky.

Q. Obviously as if you do decide to step back you'll still come to play the par-3s and stuff like that and the Champion's Dinner.

Q. Would you ever want to entertain at somewhere down the road the honorary starter role?
BEN CRENSHAW: Oh, I don't know. But, no, that would be, that would take years and time, but I will always relish coming back. I'll always come back.

Q. Carl, walking up 18 the way you did just now, the way the champions do it, you took off your cap. Talk about that.
CARL JACKSON: Well I was just saying thank you. Thank you. That's just what it was.

Q. What's your weekend going to be like?
CARL JACKSON: My weekend? Well, I'll get a little rest and my wife and I will be together. Go out to dinner. Rest. And then we'll go home.

Q. Did you still caddie around here?
CARL JACKSON: Oh, no, I'm down in Arkansas now. I was born there. I'm in charge of the caddie program down there.

Q. Do you think that if Ben didn't come back that would be difficult for you still?
CARL JACKSON: I take life a day at a time. I just cannot look that far ahead. My heart might be -- I just take it one day at a time.

Q. How old are you?

Q. Was Ben taller when you met him?
CARL JACKSON: This is one of the toughest little guys you ever seen. You can call him a little guy, but he's got a great big heart. And he's proved it time and again.

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