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April 8, 2011

Gary Woodland


Q. Day two. What's the summary of day two?
GARY WOODLAND: Frustrating. Very frustrating. I let that one get away from me. I had opportunities to play well and just didn't do it. I made two doubles and which you can't do. From easy spots. Made a double with a pitching wedge in my hand.
Double on 12. You just can't obviously hit it in the water there.
And then a bogey on 17 from 110 yards. Missed a little one on the last hole. But all in all I left too many out there.

Q. Week after week you seem to get paired now with guys who hit it in almost as far as you do. What is it like when you get three guys who are as long as you guys hitting it out there on this golf course?
GARY WOODLAND: It helps club, we can club off each other, you don't get to do that very often. I think that's the main deal.
We were feeding off each other, we were, for the most part, we had opportunities to make birdies, yesterday we made them, today we didn't. So that's a little frustrating. But we had fun out there.

Q. You said yesterday that Quiros was playing hot and everybody kind of fed off that and it was momentum. Today nobody was really able to get anything going was it hard to kind of generate some momentum?
GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, it was. I kept driving the ball, I kept putting myself in positions to really go out there and put a number up. But I hit some bad irons shots in there. I missed a lot of greens from the fairway today, which I normally don't do. So that's a little frustrating from that standpoint.
But I'm not out of it. Rory, depends on what he does, I got to go out and put up a low one tomorrow.

Q. Was the wind hard to gauge?
GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, it got me a couple times on the back side, just because it swirls down there. But for the most part I made bad swings on my part. It wasn't the wind as much as me.

Q. You've seen No. 12 a zillion times on TV and today you got caught up in it.
GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, I did. I was kind of in between clubs and I hit a bad shot. It was one of those deals where on that hole you got to miss it to the left and I came out of it to the right and ended up in the water.

Q. What did you chip in with?
GARY WOODLAND: I chipped in with a lob wedge. And then I made the mistake of hitting it in the back bunker and I did anything I could just to get it out. And then I hit it right behind the sprinklers is the only reason why I chipped it, otherwise I was going to putt it and I hit a good shot that went in.

Q. (Inaudible.)
GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, that saved me, gave me a little momentum going into 13. To get it back to even, after the par-5s you know, I made a bad bogey on 17 and missed a little one on the last.

Q. You had a little momentum coming off 11, you're in the trees again for the second day and you come up and you salvage a par out of that to kind of had some momentum going into it, like you said.
GARY WOODLAND: I hit bad shots all day from the fairway. I drove the ball really well. That was the only bad drive I hit really all day was 11. And that was a par. But unfortunately I made bad swings on 12.

Q. Did it feel like a U.S. Open style where you weren't getting things going, you were kind of grinding it out, keeping trying to make par.
GARY WOODLAND: When I'm grinding it's when I don't drive the ball well. It didn't feel like that today because I drove the ball well. I gave myself a lot of opportunities, but unfortunately I just didn't execute.

Q. How much tougher can 12 be for a shorter hole?
GARY WOODLAND: It's brutal because there's not much landing area up there. And you got to trust your number and hit it and I didn't do it and that's why I made double.

Q. What club did you hit?
GARY WOODLAND: I hit an 8-iron. I had 156 and just came out of it and started it out in the water.

Q. I thought you played pretty well, aside from hole 7, did you feel like you got through it today?
GARY WOODLAND: I played solid, I had 6-iron into 2, to a par-5 from the middle of the fairway and make par.
I birdied 3.
And I had 139 yards to the middle of the fairway on 7 to make double.
Then I had 3-iron into a par-5 again on 8 and middle of the fairway and I made par.
So I mean I just left too many shots out there. You got to attack the par-5s. I had irons into all of them and only played them 2-under, so I mean that's just not, that's inexcusable.

Q. The whole group seemed to struggle a little bit. Did that kind of factor into, I mean yesterday the whole group did well and --
GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, I mean, it's just, it's a hard golf course out here. Unfortunately, you get on the wrong side of some holes it can cost you. I did that on the last. On 17, you can go long, you just can't go 20 yards long. You hit it in the wrong spots you can make a double real fast.

Q. Did you get warned about slow play?
GARY WOODLAND: On 8 they told us to pick it up. We caught up with them on 11 right away. So not a big deal.

Q. Nothing said after that?

Q. (Question about being in a friend's wedding.)
GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, that was the deal. I wouldn't, I played my way so I can take off weeks. So to take off a week now it's great. I'm looking forward to that wedding.

Q. Going back to your competition when you guys were growing up, he was one of the guys that beat you in the tournaments at home in Kansas City, was there anything like that?
GARY WOODLAND: He did, yeah.

Q. What did his friendship and kind of just playing a friendly rival mean to you growing up and have the affect on you as a golfer?
GARY WOODLAND: There were two or three of us running around playing golf. That's all we had. Because there weren't a bunch of guys our age that were playing. So John meant a lot. We went to KU together, we roomed together at KU, so we have been great friends for a long time. So it's something to look back on and I'm glad we continue to be friends today.

Q. (Inaudible.)
GARY WOODLAND: A lot, but they gave me this opportunity to be out here, they gave me the opportunity to play golf at a national level and I've capitalized on that. But I owe a lot to them.

Q. What will you work on now to regroup for tomorrow?
GARY WOODLAND: I'm going to go hit some putts. I might hit a couple shots. I'm a little frustrated, so I might just get out of here and get a way from it and not get beat up.

Q. Was today the plan to just kind of avoid the big trouble or was it the plan to still kind of attack?
GARY WOODLAND: I wanted to attack, I wanted to shoot a couple under par. I thought if I got to at least five I thought I would be in pretty good position going into the weekend. And like I said I drove the ball good enough to shoot 5-under. But I had bad swings all day.

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