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April 8, 2011

Fred Couples


Q. How did it feel to make that putt on 18 and to get the ovation heading into the weekend?
FRED COUPLES: Well, it was good to make that putt. You know, I played a very good round of golf, and I put it what I thought was on the good side, if I missed the green to the left. I wanted to put it up in the fringe and have it come back down much closer, but I thought I could hit a little better putt. And to make that putt was a good feeling.
I hit the ball very well, five birdies and a bogey, so I'm glad to be done. I'll go home and get some rest.

Q. How's the back?
FRED COUPLES: You know, the back is okay. You know, not much different. I'm very sore and stiff, but I have a late tee time tomorrow. I'll get a lot of rest between now and then, and I've got two more days.

Q. What does it mean to you to be in contention and not just be here?
FRED COUPLES: Yeah, well, I don't know when that day is going to come when I'll just be out here, but when it does then I'll have to figure out why I'm still out here playing at Augusta, even though you want to play for a long time. But for me personally, everyone loves the course. I'm the same. It's my favorite tournament. But it's a good golf course for the way I hit the ball. There aren't many of those around, but I score well. You know, so I'm not -- even though I'm not feeling that great coming into this thing, I still feel like I can shoot some good scores on this course. Yesterday was 71, and if I would have shot a 71 or a 72 today, that would have been great, also, but instead I played a little better and shot 4-under.

Q. How is it that experience translates into being able to play this particular golf course?
FRED COUPLES: Well, I mean, I've played it probably 200 times. I'd like to say I know where not to hit a lot of them, but it's not uncommon to play around the hole and expect to get it up-and-down from off the green. You know, in two rounds I've played, I've had three bogeys, and they've been three-putts. But I did get it up-and-down a few times, and I've been on this side on the fringe with a long putt where I've two-putted from 60 or 40 or 50 feet. So those are my goals. Sometimes I don't hit them where I want to hit them, but like I was playing with Steve Stricker, and he goes, man, you just know every spot to hit it. I really don't know every spot to hit it, but I know where you don't want to hit it. And for two days and last year I did that a lot, and then there are times you've got to pull off a shot, and that's when you look at yourself and say, you just made birdie, or you might hit it in the creek and make bogey. And those are when you take your chances.
For me so far I haven't taken many chances. Maybe on the 15th I went for the green with a 3-wood, kind of got lucky, it skirted out of the bunker and I two-putted from a long way. But I just like the course. That always helps.

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