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April 7, 2011

Luke Donald


Q. A very up-and-down day.
LUKE DONALD: Yeah, very up-and-down. No, I just got off to a really slow start. I've done that a little bit in Majors before, I'm not sure why, but just couldn't quite let it go.
I was a little bit apprehensive out there and it cost me a few times. But it was a perfect day for scoring and I would have loved to have shot something a little bit lower, but it's nice to have a little mini comeback in the middle there and you're never out of it with that kind of score.

Q. Yeah, it was a lovely little run that four shots picked up in three holes. That must have felt good.
LUKE DONALD: Yeah, it's that type of course. It's where you just, I was kind of looking for that one shot to kind of get me going and I hit a nice 8-iron into 14 and made the putt there.
Then I got a good number into 15, hit a rescue there and made a great putt too.
So there was some birdie holes out there. Some of the locations were kind of feeding towards the holes and if you play well like Rory did, you could make some scores.

Q. They always say you can't win it on the first day, but you can lose it. But you've certainly not done that.
LUKE DONALD: No, it was nice to come back and play a good round. And hopefully I'll get off to some more good conditions tomorrow, I think, go out there with a little bit less, a little bit freer, just go out there and swing a little bit and hopefully make a few birdies.

Q. Was the apprehension there, like, because almost everybody I talked to has picked you as a likely winner this week. Seriously, everybody has.
LUKE DONALD: Well that obviously adds a little pressure, but it's something that I've felt most Majors. It's a feeling you just got to try and control. It takes some time.
Obviously I made three birdies and an eagle out there, so I'm still feeling fine, I just missed a few shots I shouldn't have missed and it cost me a little bit today.

Q. But the up side of that, everybody tipping you is the fact that you're playing well. So that's a good thing, isn't it?
LUKE DONALD: That is a good thing. And you got to try and feed off that. And try and use that to your advantage.

Q. Eventually shake off this dreaded curse of the par-3 contest.

Q. You're the man to do this, I believe.
LUKE DONALD: Someone's going to do it.

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