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April 7, 2011

Alvaro Quiros


Q. You had quite a few birdies on the back nine, how much momentum did you have for finishing this first round?
ALVARO QUIROS: Obviously I'm very happy. 65 is my best score by far in the Masters. This is my third appearance.
So I have to recognize that I was lucky on 17 to hole the putt, because the putt was quick. But at the same time it's like it is. You need to have luck to shoot 65 on this golf course.

Q. I spoke to you yesterday and you said before your practice round yesterday you weren't feeling it and you shoot lights out today. What changed between then and now?
ALVARO QUIROS: I don't know, to be honest. That's why everybody is happy. In my case, I couldn't be that happy because I don't know if it's just an instant of a day, you know what I mean? I don't know if it's a good level of golf just for one day.
As I said, for me the most important thing is tomorrow, hit the driver on the first hole tomorrow and try to fight for the cut. And after that I will let you know if something changes of the swing or not. We're going to see it in the score for sure.

Q. You had a great back nine, do you hope it carry that momentum into tomorrow?
ALVARO QUIROS: Well we will see if I can hold it. I was lucky, as I said, on the 14 hole. I hit a really poor drive, I took a risky shot, I played it and then I have to hit my fourth shot to the green with a wedge, full wedge 130 meters and I hole a very good putt for bogey.
On top of that I have to recognize that I don't hit a very bad drive of the ball, I was always on the proper side, hit it more or less into the middle of the fairway.
For the moment I'm very happy with my game. Tomorrow I don't know. It's a question that I'm not going to, I cannot say how it is going to be resolved.

Q. How important would it be for you to be playing on Saturday and Sunday?
ALVARO QUIROS: It would be for sure a very big shot of confidence. This is my third appearance here and unfortunately the first two rounds of the two previous years weren't, were not great.
About confidence, about stay calm, and today it looks like everything was working properly. Even the bad shots finished long, far away from the flag, but I was able to make 2-putts. This is the important thing.

Q. A lot of the earlier golfers said that the greens were very receptive early in the day. Do you still feel that even though you were in the last group?
ALVARO QUIROS: I think we are in one of the best golf courses of the earth. I don't know how many players we are in the field, but the ball was rolling perfectly at the end of the afternoon. You can see obviously spike marks, but they were not big. They were not a big influence for the roll of the ball. I cannot complain. I think that everything was perfect.

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