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April 7, 2011

Stewart Cink


Q. How was this year different than last year?
STEWART CINK: I don't even remember last year. I'll just take your word for it. It was a battle. I didn't really play that great. I didn't feel very comfortable with my golf swing, but sometimes you just have to play along with that and just play a little more conservatively when it feels that way. And sometimes that kind of suits a golf course like this.

Q. Nice little come back there for the last couple holes here on the turn. Talk a little about that.
STEWART CINK: Well, kind of the same thing. I just was fighting it a little bit out there and didn't really feel like I had control, didn't, wouldn't put the ball in the fairway, and you know, I felt it start to slip away a little bit there, because the holes don't get a whole lot easier -- well actually they get a little easier.
12 wasn't that difficult today, 12, 13, 14, and 15 were holes that you could make birdies on. So it was a good time to dig deep and sort of battle away and come home with a decent score. You know, it could have been a 74 or 75 today.

Q. When you have an up-and-down round like this, to come away in pretty good position has got to give you a pretty good feeling heading into tomorrow.
STEWART CINK: Yeah, it does. I mean I definitely want to go over there a there and hit a few shots. I don't want to go work on anything mechanically I just want to go and calm myself down a little bit.
I just felt like I was a little fast and a little, I was a little out in the future with the results. And I don't like to be that way.
So I'll go and try to figure it out and come out here tomorrow with a little sense of calm and maybe we can go ahead and let the round unfold.

Q. (No microphone.)
STEWART CINK: It's not really a big difference here. They roll the greens to a point where they're pretty firm at the very, very beginning of the morning and then they sort of get softer during the day. It's the opposite of most events. So it will be challenging, you never know. It's the same for everybody.

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