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April 7, 2011

Ricky Barnes


Q. Good round today.
RICKY BARNES: Thank you.

Q. Tell us about it. What went right for you today?
RICKY BARNES: Well, I got away with bad shots early. I scrambled pretty good, I would say on the first five holes, really. You know, I kind of made use of those, and I got through there even par, and then I started to really hit some good shots. I hit a great shot into 6 and actually missed the putt. I took advantage of the par-5s. To sum up my round, I birdied all the par-5s and I shot 4-under today. I did what I'm supposed to do.

Q. How is the back? It was an issue at the beginning of the year.
RICKY BARNES: It's there. Right after this I'll go home and rest it, ice it and get away from just standing around. Standing waiting is probably the worst thing for it.

Q. Does it impact you swinging, any kind of shots?
RICKY BARNES: I've been feeling good while I'm moving. As long as I'm moving and swinging, I've been feeling pretty darned good since probably the last nine to ten weeks.

Q. Does playing back-to-back years giving you a little more comfort, a little more familiarity with the place?
RICKY BARNES: Absolutely. Yeah, I think 2003 to last year a lot of stuff had changed. But back-to-back years, if there's anything that changes, you feel a little bit more at home.

Q. Can you compare playing Masters and Amateurs with playing the Open and what they do for you guys, the treatment you get?
RICKY BARNES: Yeah, everyone says, what are you going to do after the round? Well, in the amateur years I could walk right up there, eat my meal and lay in my bed in about 15 minutes. Now I've got to drive home. But it's a great thing. You know, I would say if you're ever an amateur, you've got to stay here. You get a little camaraderie because you're staying with three or four players each night, and when you go back home here you're with your family and friends.

Q. Is there a bit of a comfort factor here given that you've had some good experiences?
RICKY BARNES: Yeah, I feel like I can play well here, and I do like the way this course sets up to my eye. I like fast greens. You know, I tend to draw the ball. Hopefully we'll keep it going.

Q. Playing with Tom today, did he impart any words of wisdom for you?
RICKY BARNES: No, it was good. It was actually comfortable, though. Always good to play with a past champ.

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