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April 7, 2011

Lucas Glover


Q. Talk to us about your day.
LUCAS GLOVER: Just got off to bad start and just never really got anything going. Could have been worse. I made some 5- and 6-footers for par coming down the stretch. But just didn't hit it close enough, didn't give myself enough birdie opportunities. So we'll regroup and try to figure something out tomorrow.

Q. Is that consistent with, I don't know, the last few weeks or so?
LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, I've been putting really well and in the last couple weeks I haven't made anything and I don't think I've been reading them as well as I did earlier in the year. But you got to give your self more opportunities today than I did and you know, pitching and chipping from the short side around here is no good, as everybody will probably say. And I had a lot of those. I didn't make any 10, 12, 15 footers. So.

Q. From your body language it looked like you were really kind of fighting it all day. Never really felt comfortable for a long time.
LUCAS GLOVER: That's exactly right. It was a struggle. I had a great warm-up and felt great and then I couple bad shots early and then I never really found it and never really got it back.
But I didn't shoot myself in the foot entirely, I think I might have knocked a toenail off, not necessarily a whole toe, but I did some good things and I got something to build on. So we'll see.

Q. Overall you almost looked like you're kind of happy in a way because you never felt comfortable, but you obviously didn't shoot yourself out of it. You didn't wind up with a 6- or 7-over that would put you in trouble.
LUCAS GLOVER: Right, right. I've done that here before. I just hit a couple nice shots down the stretch and I got something to build on leading into tomorrow. And I'm going to go hit a few balls and try to get some confidence in it. But if you don't trust it around here, as any major difficult golf course, it's no good. So I got some things I can build on.

Q. You talked about off the tee build on?
LUCAS GLOVER: No, just iron shots, really. I drove it okay. I wouldn't say great, but 5-, 6, 7-irons around here you got to hit it within 25 feet and with the pins in the high spots, you got to be careful. And just, it wasn't looking, it wasn't going where I was looking I guess would be the easiest way to put it. But I hit a nice drive on 18 and the best iron shot I hit all day, it carried just a few feet too far. So I know what I'm doing's right and I just got to trust it and do it.

Q. You need a few breaks around here. You didn't really get that?
LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, I had a couple of instances. 12, I was 15 feet from the hole and could have putted it, but my ball mark was in front of my ball. But I didn't hit it good enough or play well enough to get any breaks. And you see the guys that are playing well seem to get a bounce or two. The guys that don't, don't. And that's the nature of our game.

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