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April 7, 2011

David Toms


Q. How important was that par save on 18?
DAVID TOMS: That was pretty important for me because I played really good all day and I didn't want to shoot over par. I think I missed two greens all day which, you do that, but at the same time, when you do that, that means you're probably playing away from some of the flags, which I did. I had a lot of long putts.
Couple of mistakes. I really didn't do anything great out there, other than drive the ball and hit my irons pretty good. But never really got the putter going. I was talking to my caddie, you know, I was defensive all day with my putting and I had one really makeable putt and that was on 14 and I left it short. I mean, that's really the only one where I could be aggressive at it at all. Everything else seemed like it's downhill breaking three or four feet. So.

Q. What was the deal on 16? That putt there?
DAVID TOMS: 16, that was one of those all you got to do is breathe on it and it starts rolling. It was breaking just straight down hill, breaking two feet left-to-right. I mean, those things are just, you're just lucky if it goes in. You hit it where you want to and hopefully it nestles down there and falls in. And that's what I did and almost made it. But that's the way the whole day went.

Q. Talk to me about, you had a few of those 50 to 70 yard pitches here.
DAVID TOMS: That's a tough thing that makes you look like you don't know what you're doing out there. And that's because the grain is straight into you. So if you're not aggressive through the hit you can stub it pretty quickly and I think that's, you know, that's part of what they're doing out here is making that shot harder.
And so I had one over there on 13, I had the same shot there on 18 the same distance. And you got to be aggressive. I mean, if all of a sudden you decel on it at all, you leave it way short. So you got to get a feel for it.
This year it's a little, the grass is a little bit thicker. Years past it's been thin, so you could fat them pretty easily. This year it just stops your club a whole lot.
So I'm still getting used to it. It's not something we can really practice in the short game area out there. We don't have it cut into us like they do on the golf course. So I need to find a place where I can hit a few of those.

Q. If you're hitting the ball as well tomorrow is it time to ratchet it up a little bit or do you got to stick to the game plan?
DAVID TOMS: I mean that's the thing. You see the scores, you see a couple of guys that shoot low, and then everybody else is, you know, trying to get under par somewhere.
So that's the golf course. Sometimes you just luck out and you're in a great spot, other times you hit a pretty good shot and you're struggling just to have a 2-putt.
But I got to play the golf course the way it is and, you know, maybe play the par-5s a little bit better. I did birdie 8, but I didn't birdie 2, didn't birdie 13, didn't birdie 15. After pretty solid tee shots on everyone of them. So.

Q. The way you hit it today 5-under was in the cards.
DAVID TOMS: Oh, yeah, it could have been. I would have had to putt well. You got to get off to a little better start on some of those birdie holes on the front there. And I didn't do that. But that's okay, I was pleased with it.

Q. Does the Tournament still feel wide open?
DAVID TOMS: Oh, yeah. Always on Thursday. As long as you don't shoot yourself out of it. I mean it's still, depending upon what those guys that shot low, what they do tomorrow, but in the end, I'm sure that they will probably toughen up the golf course a little bit, put some of the tees back. They had some up today and they can get everybody coming back to par, that's for sure.

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