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April 7, 2011

Ryan Moore


Q. How did you like your round today?
RYAN MOORE: I'm happy with it. It was one of those days, definitely some birdies out there, but that wind was up and down. If you got the breezes on the wrong holes, which our group kind of did there on 11 and 12 there, it was really, really blustery when we went through there. Got through those holes all right, and just played a good, solid round.

Q. Talk about the 1st hole getting up-and-down from about 50 yards. That was pretty important, right, to get the round started?
RYAN MOORE: It never hurts. Obviously there's a little nerves on that first tee. You know, and I topped my second shot out of the pine straw. I actually topped two shots out of pine straw today. I apparently need to work on that shot. Hopefully I don't have to play too many more of them.
But yeah, hit a good 5, and it was just a really good solid 12-footer. It's always nice to make a putt to start the day. It kind of gets you rolling. I really putted great the rest of the day, too.

Q. On 11, you get up-and-down from the bunker to save bogey, that's probably pretty big, too?
RYAN MOORE: Yeah, and I didn't have a fantastic lie back in there, either. It was one of those where the wind was really, really causing me troubles over that shot. I thought it should have been into us and right to left, and it got up in the air and actually knocked it down to the right, which I have no idea how that happened. But you know, I was not exactly where I wanted to be, and I made a good save there just to kind of keep a reasonable amount of momentum going. You're going to make some bogeys out here, no matter what.
Kyung and I were joking walking off 17; I don't think there's such a thing as an easy chip on this golf course. Somehow even if you miss it on the correct side of the hole, it's like still pretty tough. Everywhere you go, there's always some slope you can hit it a little too hard and roll it off the green or something like that. So, you know, you're going to make a few bogeys. But you want to stay away from those double bogeys.

Q. There seems to be a lot more red than over par today. What's your thoughts on maybe why I guess is the question?
RYAN MOORE: They had a lot of the tees up today, which kind of surprised me. I think maybe they were expecting a little more wind or something. But it's one of those golf courses; if you put it in the fairway and you're in the right spot all day, you're certainly going to have some chances for birdie. You start hitting it in a few wrong spots and missing short putts, you're going to be making bogeys and doubles just as easily. I think that's what's great about it and I think that's why we all love it. I think it's fair and you can shoot a score if you want. But if you get a little too careless, it'll bite you.

Q. Where can you remember the tees being moved up?
RYAN MOORE: Really all day. I can't think of a tee that was at the far back edge of the tee box. Really all day except for maybe 11 wasn't, 4 and some of the other ones. But they were middle to front third of the tee box all day long. Like I said, I don't know. They can set it up however they want to set it up, and maybe they wanted a few birdies today.

Q. Can you compare the experience of playing here as an amateur and a professional in regards of how as an amateur they treat you so well?
RYAN MOORE: Yeah, it's certainly different just getting to stay in the Crow's Nest. That pretty much makes it. And just hanging up there with the other guys that have made it. You know, they do; the amateur dinner, all that stuff, that's just a great experience. But I'm happy to be here; it's perfect.

Q. How are you looking at your game leading into tomorrow?
RYAN MOORE: I like what I'm doing right now. I'm feeling pretty comfortable with everything, and if I keep it out of the pine straw a few times tomorrow, then I think I'll be all right.

Q. What's it like being part of a group that's in red? Is it that much more exciting as opposed to the U.S. Open last year?
RYAN MOORE: Yeah, I wouldn't say it matters too much to what else is going on. It's one of those courses that you just have to keep your head down. I really had no idea how everyone else was playing. I know that I shot 2-under today and felt pretty darned good about that. I'm going to keep going and try to do the same thing tomorrow.

Q. Where was the pine straw shots at?
RYAN MOORE: On 1 and on 11. 11 I was pretty much going to lay it up anyways, but you can probably say I topped it twice today and shot 2-under.

Q. On the right side of 11?
RYAN MOORE: Left side.

Q. And the left side of 1, as well?
RYAN MOORE: Left side, yeah.

Q. When you're looking at those shots, because there used to be those shots all the time out here, and now the course has changed, but in looking at those shots we don't really experience that that much on the Tour, did you think the ball was just a little lower?
RYAN MOORE: You know, I'm not really even that sure. One I kind of slipped. There was just a foot of pine straw, and you're trying to get your feet, and it's really tough when it's fluffy like that. But then I was on it, and there wasn't quite as much. 17, just right of the fairway, I was in it there and there was only an inch of it, and it wasn't a problem. Both of them had just gotten to where I was just on the really thick, fluffy stuff, and it's just hard to keep your footing. They both worked out okay.

Q. Is the tie an every-week thing or is that a Masters-only thing?
RYAN MOORE: I've been bringing it out when the weather is reasonable to do it. Yeah, I like the tie.

Q. You say you like the old school aspect of it.
RYAN MOORE: Absolutely.

Q. Is it a Bobby Jones tribute?
RYAN MOORE: You know, around here, yes. (Laughter.)

Q. What about this course suits your game?
RYAN MOORE: You know, I think everything. I just like everything about it. Like I said, you can make birdies, but at the same time you've got to keep your head down or you're going to lose focus for a second and you'll make a double just as quickly. And I love these greens. I feel like I putt really well on them. I think I had one three-putt today because I had it over the back of this thing and it could go either direction, and I hit it one ball right of where I was trying to, and it shot it straight out on No. 5, so I missed that one. I don't do that very often.

Q. Is this similar to last year where they let guys score the first round and then it got a little bit tougher each day?
RYAN MOORE: I don't even remember how last year was.

Q. Last year there were a lot of red numbers.
RYAN MOORE: I think that's probably how they like to do it. They like to kind of get it going, get some people in red and kind of -- you always know it's going to change on the weekend. But at the same time there's always a score out here. They never set it up too unreasonable. There's always a score to be had.

Q. This is a tournament you must want to win, right? If you could pick one you'd pick this one?
RYAN MOORE: Yeah. Of all the majors, yeah, absolutely. This is my favorite one.

Q. Why is that?
RYAN MOORE: I just love the whole experience, the course, the fact you get to come back the rest of your life. There's a lot of great aspects to winning this tournament.

Q. Can you talk about that experience in I guess it was '05, being 13th as an amateur, kind of near contention in a major, what that experience was like?
RYAN MOORE: It was great. I was playing good golf at that point in time, and I came in thinking I was going to play that way, and I've never really felt out of place. I really liked the course. I had already seen it one time before, and I felt like I was playing good enough golf I could be in the mix here on Sunday. Didn't putt as well that year, but my ball-striking was fantastic.
I mean, it was great, and that kind of carried through to last year. I came here feeling like I can go compete out there, I can go play some golf. So it's nice to just be comfortable on the course. I don't know why it necessarily fits me because I actually like to fade the ball, and most shots here are draw. But for some reason when I come here I draw it off the tee here. I don't know why, but it works for me.

Q. I know you've got confidence about playing the course here. Did you feel pretty good about how your game was going into the week?
RYAN MOORE: I did. I've been feeling good this year. It's been a lot more steady, solid play. And then I actually played really good at Bay Hill, just one of those weeks where I didn't quite get it all gelling right. That was a good week at a tough venue, tough course. Every part of my game felt good. Had a week off and here we go.

Q. You said you're kind of a history buff; is that right?
RYAN MOORE: A little bit. Not too much crazy stuff.

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