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April 7, 2011

Zach Johnson


Q. Describe your day.
ZACH JOHNSON: I got to really -- I think the story of my day was, this is a place where you don't want to over think it, but yet you got to pay attention. So it's like a difficult balance.
I just misclubbed a couple times that just put me in absolutely brutal positions. And I know where to miss it out here and I still put myself in those positions.
I really was not that bad. I hit some good shots, I had some opportunities, kept it below the hole when I needed to keep it below the hole and hit some good putts, missed -- hit some bad putts, a couple 3-putts I think probably got me today.
But 17, you just can't miss it right.
And I yipped the one on 2 I guess it was. Yeah. 2. I missed about a 3-footer on 2. That was a bad putt.
So I mean, my two birdies were, I could have putted it in with my fingernail. So it's just a matter of just keep executing and hopefully the putts will start to drop.

Q. Was it there for the taking today?
ZACH JOHNSON: Yeah, I think so. The pins were fairly generous. For this place, mild winds, yeah, the ball wasn't rolling a whole lot in the fairway yet. I mean it could still, but that's just the rain they had last week, six or so inches or whatever. And if we get these temperatures like we're supposed to or even warmer it will continue to dry out and get harder and better.

Q. Y.E. played well.
ZACH JOHNSON: Yeah, I wasn't really paying attention, but he putted the ball nice, hit the ball nice, put himself in positions, good positions to make some birdies. It was fun to watch. He let a couple slip at the end but it happens here.

Q. What do you do the rest of the day?
ZACH JOHNSON: I'm going to go putt. And then work out and then get a rub down, so to speak, tissue work, PT work, and go eat, go to bed, do it again tomorrow. Another day at the office.

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