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April 7, 2011

Bill Haas


Q. How did it play for you today?
BILL HAAS: Today the course was pretty getable, I think. I got off to a bad start. 2-over through four. Bogeyed the first two. Just was fighting all day.
And then kind of felt good by how I was hanging in there and bogeying the last from a pretty simple shot in the fairway is pretty disappointing. So I got my work cut out for me the rest of the way.

Q. How hard was it to kind of get it back after a bad start with such anticipation that kind of builds up for today?
BILL HAAS: It's hard. But I knew it was early in the week, early in the tournament, and I'm going to make bogeys. So I was just trying to get that out of the way. And I was basically around 1-over all day and just trying to fight to get it to par and never could do it.
Disappointed the way I finished, but 18 more tomorrow.

Q. Does it add to the disappointment when as you say the course seemed like that -- it's not usually there for the taking, but weather wise and everything was it maybe as benign as you hope to see it?
BILL HAAS: I don't think it adds to it. It's just disappointing. It is what it is. I mean you can't get it back, you just got to go out tomorrow. And hopefully maybe if the weather gets tougher, that's what I need, so I can maybe move up.

Q. You had that long stretch I think of 15 made cuts and you missed a few cuts lately, is there anything that you're kind of trying to do to recapture in your game right now that's maybe been missing in the last few tournaments?
BILL HAAS: Yeah, I'm definitely missing something. I'm working on some stuff in my swing out there and it didn't feel great. But when you don't have it you better be able to get it in the hole better than I did.
I'm putting awful, I'm not making anything I'm supposed to make, no 10-footers, nothing. It's frustrating because nothing's really clicking right now, but I'm hanging in there as best I can.

Q. So what do you do tonight? What will you work on? Everything? Nothing?
BILL HAAS: Tonight? I'll go home, hang out. I mean this afternoon I might go hit a few, maybe putt a little, try something different, whatever I'm doing's not working, so I'll try something.

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