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April 7, 2011

Hiroyuki Fujita


Q. Were you aware that there was another earthquake?
HIROYUKI FUJITA: I didn't know anything about it. Do you know the damage so far?

Q. 7.4.
HIROYUKI FUJITA: Do you know any extent?

Q. They don't believe it's substantial.
HIROYUKI FUJITA: I didn't know anything.

Q. How difficult was it to get yourself mentally focused on playing this tournament knowing that there's so much hardship in your homeland?
HIROYUKI FUJITA: I had mixed emotions, but at the same time as a professional golfer it's what I needed to do, and that's how I just prepared myself.

Q. What will your first phone call be when you go inside?
HIROYUKI FUJITA: I don't have any relatives in the Tohoku area. My family is here, so I don't think I'll call. I'll call my company later.

Q. What do you think it will mean for people at home that you're on the leaderboard?
HIROYUKI FUJITA: I think I'm just happy that whatever I do and how I play will encourage people in Japan.

Q. Where are your relatives here, since everybody is here? Do they live here or are they just here watching?
HIROYUKI FUJITA: They just came with me. That's what I meant.

Q. Are you glad you didn't know while you were playing?
HIROYUKI FUJITA: I think it would have been difficult if we had more devastation in the Sendai area. I think it would have been difficult.

Q. Where do you live?
HIROYUKI FUJITA: Fukuoka. That's a province.

Q. And what is the company? What does it do? Is it located anywhere near --
HIROYUKI FUJITA: Just west of Tokyo.

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