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April 7, 2011

Ryan Palmer


Q. (No microphone.)
RYAN PALMER: Yeah, it was. 2-over through seven holes, and I was a little upset, but I made a great birdie on 8 and an unbelievable up-and-down on 9. And for a double on the back and shooting 2-under par, I stayed within myself and I didn't hurt myself. So 1-under par on Thursday is a great start to this golf tournament.

Q. Talk about shooting in the morning, how did you feel that the course was treating you?
RYAN PALMER: It was good. It was definitely firming up and it's going to keep firming up, but the greens were like I expected, they weren't quite as fast as they could be, because of the moisture, but a perfect beautiful morning. You're in Augusta. So I'm glad to be here and it was a fun day out there.

Q. The putt on 9 did that get you going a little bit?
RYAN PALMER: It really did. To come out and hit the shot I did on 10 to get it to where I was back to even.
And I finally hit a good drive on 11 and just hit, I probably hit the wrong shot on 11, to knock it in the water, I made a double, but I didn't let it get me.
So I made some good birdies on 14 and 15 and I made a great birdie on 18.
So to be 2-over par early in the round and come back and shoot 1-under is a very positive, patient result. So I'm excited about tomorrow to get going again.

Q. The last two times here, obviously that helped you a lot, not to lose it out there a little bit?
RYAN PALMER: Well it's a golf course that you can't, you can really put yourself behind the 8-ball. And if you go out and shoot even, even or 1-over par is not a bad start to this golf course.
So to get around under par on Thursday, it's going to allow me to go out tomorrow and kind of free myself up a little bit more. Get some work on the putter this afternoon and a nice relaxing afternoon with the kids and get ready for tomorrow.

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