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April 7, 2011

Tim Clark


TIM CLARK: I ended up, could have had a good score, really. I four-putted from under the hole on 10. I feel like I could have shot under par, but I'm not sure if I can play tomorrow. It's pretty bad, yeah. I'll go and get some treatment done in the morning, but it pretty much hurt all day and just got worse all day.

Q. What happened today?
TIM CLARK: Well, like I say, I four-putted 10 from ten feet under the hole and missed a short par putt on 11 but then almost holed out on 12.

Q. What did you hit in there, Tim?

Q. Yeah.
TIM CLARK: 6-iron today.

Q. Did you think it was in?
TIM CLARK: It looked like it had a chance. It finished like that. So birdied there and birdied 13 and then 16.

Q. Good putt on 16.
TIM CLARK: Yeah, yeah.

Q. How far was that?
TIM CLARK: Probably 25, 20 feet or so.

Q. You birdied the first hole today?

Q. After all the questions, a reassuring start.
TIM CLARK: Well, like I said, I was still hurting, but I hit a driver, 5-iron to about four feet and made the putt. I was like, well, I should just stop now (laughing).

Q. Are you taking painkillers?
TIM CLARK: I'm trying to take some Celebrex for the inflammation, but really it's not working.

Q. The drive on 9, was that -- was it really hurting there?
TIM CLARK: There was a couple that really hurt, but the thing that hurt the most was the practice swings. Once I'm in the shots, the actual tournament shot, you're not really thinking about it, you're thinking about the shots. You don't notice as much. But it's just the practice swings, just every one felt sore.

Q. That was a pretty good 4 as it ended up on 9.
TIM CLARK: Yeah, yeah. I made a few good pars, but like I say, I feel like -- how I felt, I could have still shot under par. I think to give away two shots on 10, I'm looking at a birdie and I make a 6.

Q. How much did you have to limit your warmup?
TIM CLARK: I warmed up as normal because this was really the first -- this was only the first round of golf I've played since Hawai'i, other than the par-3 yesterday. It's the first time I've really hit a substantial amount of drivers. I wanted to see where I was, and obviously I'm not ready.

Q. Is it a day-to-day thing?
TIM CLARK: Yeah. You know, it's tough to pull out now. Tomorrow I might feel good. So I'm going to wait until tomorrow at least and give it a try because it's -- like I said, the way I still managed to play, I felt like I might have had a chance. I've still got a chance here. But if it gets to a point where I can't swing, I just can't swing.

Q. How is the course playing?
TIM CLARK: I think they've set it up really -- I think they want to get some good scores in today. A lot of tees were up I noticed, which I could walk onto a tee box without having to walk forward, and I wasn't expecting that. It's just in great shape. But I think obviously it will give up some low scores today if the wind stays the way it is because greens are still somewhat soft and obviously great to putt on.

Q. Is rest the only solution to this?
TIM CLARK: I'm doing therapy and obviously I've got -- it's also going to be a case of getting strength back. Again, I haven't used the arm for ten weeks. Not only is the elbow sore, but I have no strength in my shoulders and back because I haven't been able to use them, so that all just adds up.

Q. So how good is 1-over with as much pain as you've been in?
TIM CLARK: Well, I mean, nothing to write about, but it's obviously -- I could have come out here and not broken 80 for sure, so I just think I'm kind of stubborn and just sort of fought through it. Again, just to be here at Augusta, it's just a dream to come and play this tournament. So when you're given the opportunity, it's tough to walk away from it. Really that was the underlying factor.

Q. After this week, regardless of whether it lasts two rounds or four rounds, what's your plans after that? Are you going to go somewhere and get some serious therapy?
TIM CLARK: I mean, I have been getting serious work. But I've now got to look at The Players. It's going to be the first tournament I defend on Tour, so really I've got to focus in on getting better for that. I'm just not sure. I'm not sure.

Q. Looks like a good start by Charl and Retief, -4?
TIM CLARK: Yeah, there's someone at 7 now. I think there's some low scores out there if someone gets it going and is feeling confident. I think guys are going to have to shoot under par to keep pace.

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